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5th February 2024

Māori are a powder keg ready to explode, and Willie Jackson & Labour, Te Pāti Māori and the Kingitanga are holding the lit fuse ready to blow the place up.


They are inciting the gangs, and young militant radical Māori to begin a Civil War in New Zealand. They are using fighting words designed to incite violence.


In his speech at Waitangi this weekend, Peeni Henare from Labour said “I lift my gun, I let the shots do the talking.” He went on to say in anger as he took off his coat, “When you take off your jacket, it’s to get ready for a fight.”


Perhaps Peeni Henare is so fired up after revelations on Friday from the Health Ministry that they admit there were failings in awarding health contracts to Peeni Henare’s partner. Oh dear...has someone been caught with their hand in the lolly jar?


If I’d incited violence like Henare, I’d have been arrested already. It is no excuse to say because it was spoken in Te Reo it doesn’t have the same meaning, and it was a ‘figurative’ gun.  He knew what he was doing. Those were fighting words.


He knows in Northland there are massive gun violence problems. Over the weekend there have been yet another two gun shootings in Kaikohe...over recent years on Labour’s watch there has been a proliferation of gun violence in Northland.  Henare knows full well that Northland Māori have a lot of guns and are prepared to use them.  He is purposely inciting violence in an already volatile region.


In November 2023 we heard his mate Willie Jackson threaten war when he said, “Māori will go to war if this Treaty referendum goes through.”


Over the past week in his farewell tour, Kelvin Davis has lashed out at New Zealanders calling them ‘Pakeha Spiders’ who are coming for you.  I think Kelvin has been watching too many Sci-Fi movies this summer.


Te Pāti Māori are no better with their talk this weekend of ‘Righteous anger’ as they too attempt to whip up Māori into a frenzy with their korero. Their nationwide action day protest in December featured two prominent guns in their advertising material.


For Willie Jackson, Peeni Henare and their mates, their Māori funding gravy train has abruptly come to a halt as the new government hits the brakes, leaving many Māori Elite sour, bitter and inciting violence.


Over the past six years, the Labour government have never had so much Māori funding to disperse, yet the Māori Elite Club lined their own pockets, and those of their mates, putting their own needs before those of the people. Māori, as a whole, have never been worse off in this country. Māori have the worst statistics in the prisons, health, education, crime, mental health, domestic every area of our society. It breaks my heart to see our Māori whānau suffer like this.


Māori have failed Māori.

It’s these Māori Elite that have been the real abusers of Māori in recent times – they have prohibited Māori from advancing and reaching their full potential.  They have made Māori dependent and reliant on begging for money from government departments and asking for handouts.  These Māori Elites are the ones who have ripped off Māori in our generation.  Just ask most everyday Māori if they have personally seen any of the billions in Māori funding that has been given to these Māori Elite, and 99% will tell you they saw none of it over these past 6 years.


The Māorii Elite, like John Tamihere, have now weaponised Te Pāti Māori for their own monetary gains. They’ve had their snout in the trough for too long.


Te Pāti Māori does not speak on behalf of all Māori.  17% of New Zealand’s population are Māori, yet only 3.08% gave their party vote to Te Pāti Māori...Māori did not give them a strong mandate. Yet they openly mock Seymour’s 8.64% of the party vote calling him ‘Mr Under-Ten-Percent’.


Now, as is typical of abusers, these Māori Elite have led the Māori people (victims) and many in society to believe the fault lies with someone else...European, not with their own...the Māori Elite.


And unfortunately, the victim returns to the arms of the abuser time and time again.


I’d like to give this warning to Māori.  Who are you following? These Māori politicians mentioned above are all crooks. They’re ripping you off daily, they’ve had multiple fraud cases, including the Kingitanga, and many Iwi have had money meltdowns.  


I hold out little hope that National, ACT and New Zealand First have the ability to successfully diffuse the situation and unite the country again. There will be no unity in this nation again between European and Māori until the Spirit of Christ is returned to by both people. 


In 1840 Tiriti o Waitangi was agreed to by two people in a spirit of unity, in the spirit of Christ, as reflected in the spoken Article Four of Te Tiriti o Waitangi that relates to the right to freedom of religion and belief (wairuatanga).


I firmly believe, that until both peoples, European and Māori, acknowledge Christ again, we will not have peace in this land. 


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