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The visionary behind Destiny Church 

Over the past ten years Bishop Tamaki has led the churches of New Zealand in the audacious challenge against some of this country’s most significant amoral legislation and social engineering.  This stance has polarised New Zealanders by demanding issues of morality, fatherlessness and family to be exposed to the spotlight of public opinion.  He has thrust the Gospel of Christ into the heart of New Zealand’s public domain and become the last word on the current move of God in this nation.  This has made him one of the most controversial, yet revered personalities in the country.    


Under his leadership the Destiny Church organisation continues to expand rapidly.  This not-for-profit organisation provides an extensive, non-funded network of community services, health programmes, and social services programmes such as the recently televised, nation-wide ‘Man-Up’ programme. Destiny Church uses its networks, and expertise to support government agencies with social intervention programmes for churched and non-churched alike.​

The fruit of Bishop Tamaki and Pastor Hannah Tamaki’s 37 years in ministry is evident around them, and through the redemptive and creative impact Destiny Church has in Auckland, New Zealand and the world for Jesus Christ.

Bishop Tamaki with his wife Hannah, are the leaders of New Zealand’s most prominent and influential Church.   As the head of Destiny Church International, Bishop Tamaki has the apostolic oversight of ten vibrant, thriving churches in New Zealand and one in Brisbane Australia with several satellite groups throughout Australasia including an extensive online global viewership.


Bishop Tamaki is known for his unwavering commitment to Christ, His Church and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. His direct, but personable down to earth style, has struck a chord with many New Zealanders. Particularly Maori and Pacifica people.  This has caused thousands from all walks of life and social standing to be challenged in their beliefs, saved, transformed, and connected with their God-given future. His revelatory preaching and authoritative disposition on Christianity vs Kingdom and the rise of the Sons of God is recognised around the globe, making him a sought after speaker.  He is often described as being ahead of his time.

The only thing that matters, is Jesus Christ


Together Bishop Tamaki and his wife Hannah have taken their faith in God and His Word to lead the way with some of this country’s most innovative ministries. For example, Destiny Television whose production and ‘air time’ was completely funded by Destiny Churches.  They have established a school and several early childhood centers based on their very successful and innovative educational model.  


However, they would both say their greatest achievement has been leading their extensive family to follow Christ and serve His Church.  Any given Sunday their children, grandchildren, siblings and parents are found in Destiny Churches across New Zealand and Australia, participating and serving wholeheartedly.  They are particularly devoted to their 10 grandchildren and many ‘adopted’ grandchildren, jealously guarding time spent with them, zealous to see them all enjoying and living a vital relationship with Christ.

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