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100 Lockdown Days of Social Carnage

Opinion Piece

25th November 2021

Today is White Ribbon Day which is the symbol of ‘standing against all Domestic Violence,’ which is a worthy cause.

Yet today also marks 100 days of Aucklanders being in harsh lockdown.

The irony of all this is that Domestic Violence has ‘shot through the roof’ since lockdowns began. The Police have spent 70% of their frontline work attending to a worrying rise in Domestic Violence and mental health issues.

Across New Zealand, Domestic Violence investigations fluctuated between 15,000 and 17,000 a month. And note most family harm incidents are not reported. Domestic Violence callouts have increased at 60% over the past five years and the latest annual report predicts they will increase 35 percent by 2025.

The Police Association president states “what worries me deeply is there seems to be no tangible solutions in sight for either of these particularly challenging community-wide demands and so, as with other social failures, they land heavily in the lap of police.”

Even the police force is saying this is a serious social failure.

The police are unfortunately unable to attend a lot of callouts promptly as they’re under excessive workloads, but of course, that was bound to occur when this government have 500 police personnel deployed manning MIQs and unnecessary Auckland borders.

These relentless lockdowns have caused increasing pressure within many family homes. When you lock up volatile perpetrators and their victims in a home away from the public eye, with all external support agencies unable to visit anymore and assess the safety of victims and children, this is an absolute recipe for disaster. Many homes have turned into torture chambers over this time.

Midwives have also told me there has been a dramatic increase in unreported miscarriages during every lockdown due to Domestic Violence incidents occurring. But, this government does not value this loss of life.

This Government has turned White Ribbon day into Black Ribbon Day, they have increasingly been labelled the domestic terrorists of New Zealand families, destroying businesses, jobs, livelihoods and hope!

Today, I encourage all Kiwis to take the opportunity to Speak Up and Speak Out, not just about Domestic Violence, but also about the abuse this government is inflicting on you and your family.

If you are currently struggling with Domestic Violence in your home, know that there is a beacon of hope in our ManUp and Legacy programmes. Whether you are male or female, 24/7 you can phone 08001MANUP to receive confidential and immediate support and assistance.

I believe better is coming and for many who have suffered loss and heartache, your best days are still ahead of you. There is always light at the end of every tunnel so keep your faith and God can do much more for you.


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