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21st July 2021

Apostle Brian Tamaki

This Wednesday morning Apostle Brian Tamaki has formally filed with the government his submission towards the ‘Proposals against Incitement of Hatred and Discrimination’ discussion document.

Apostle Brian Tamaki fervently objects to this proposed new Hate Speech proposal. A copy of Apostle Tamaki’s submission can be viewed here...

Submission Response from Apostle Brian Tamaki
Download PDF • 1.12MB

The following four pillars are the basis of Apostle Tamaki’s submission:

  • Freedom to Believe: The authority of the Bible cannot be censored as hate speech

  • Freedom of Culture: There is a history in this country of seeking to silence strong Māori leaders and it must not be repeated through the proposed legislation

  • Freedom from Political Overreach: The proposed legislation is an inappropriate response to the March 15 terrorist attack

  • Freedom from Fear: We will defend the rights of all peoples to speak and express their minds without the fear of retribution or punishment, and we expect the same level of freedom

Apostle Tamaki says, “We speak and continue the prophetic words of The Māori Prophets Rua Kēnana, Te Whiti-O-Rongomai, Tohu Kākahi, T.W. Rātana, and Te Kooti…that we are a Sovereign, Native Nation on two fronts:

  1. Tangata Whenua, who declare Tino Rangatiratanga; and

  2. Te Iwi Tapu...The Holy Nation”

“It is my fundamental human right to freely speak as I am moved, on whatsoever and howsoever, as an Apostle (Authority of Christ) and as a Tohunga, in keeping with our Tikanga.”

Again Apostle Tamaki says, “I will break your Hate Speech laws before you’ve even had a chance to write them.”

“I stand with Destiny Church, and many Christians, Māori and good honest Kiwis across this country in opposition to the new Hate Speech legislation being proposed. Truth is not Hate Speech.”

See Apostle Tamaki’s earlier press release: for additional reading.


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