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Increasingly we see with most major issues (particularly social, family and personal issues) that the LGBTQIA community and their gay voice aggressively dominate the conversation, debate and narrative.

In many cases, it's media-bullying at its worst with early morning TV breakfast shows, talkback radio and social media all involved. The voice of reason, commonsense and normalcy is assaulted, hated on, or accused of being outdated, old-fashioned or a fundamental right-winger. Most sane, good people (particularly parents) are too afraid to speak or express what they deeply feel about the sexualisation gone wrong in this generation.

I ultimately see this as a direct assault on Christ and God the Father’s greatest desire for His creation. In Romans 8:29 we get a little insight into God’s desire for us to be “conformed to the image of His Son.” This image (pattern) is complete in identity, character, conduct and expression. But there is now an insidious, rapid trend to alter or distort our true identity away from Christ revealing clearly that this is the deeper work of these anti-Christ spirits disfiguring and distorting this desire of God.

This is not new. In Genesis 6:2-8 we see the efforts of evil spirits to sexually pervert human identity and expression. This is all in an effort to prevent the true image of Christ from being formed and expressed in us.

Self-identification over Christ-identification

Is it any coincidence the latest bill before parliament this week is called the ‘self-identification bill’ that makes it easier to change a person’s sex on their birth certificate. This is yet another law that the LGBTQIA community are passionately pushing through.

Quote: “The self-identification Bill was introduced to ensure that New Zealand has the best process for transgender, non-binary and intersex people to formally acknowledge their gender.”

With little media coverage, you may be shocked to learn our parliament passed this Wednesday the second reading for this ‘self-identification bill.’ The very name of the bill says it all reveals what’s really under attack here. This anti-Christ spirit wants to mess with your identity yet again, promoting self-identification over you finding your true identity in Christ.

Is the real target Gay Conversion or actually Christian conversion?

Criminalizing conversion therapy of gay people is just another recent issue introduced to discredit and normalise an out-of-control sexual confusion assault upon a wounded world.

This gay conversion therapy law is likely to see good parents being criminalised for being...good parents. Our Prime Minister can’t rule that out from occurring.

Political powers admit that there is no modern-day evidence to support that gay conversion therapy is still taking place in New Zealand, but nonetheless, they preach the importance and urgency of enacting this new law. An OIA from the Human Rights Commission in relation to ‘conversion therapy’ shows there has only been one informal complaint and no formal complaints in the past 10 years. So is there really a problem that needs fixing under urgency, or is something more insidious at play here. If there’s no modern-day issue with horrendous, historic gay conversion therapy practices occurring like electric shock treatment, this must be an attack on something deeper.

Note how the Green Party take great delight in highlighting that there will be NO religious exemptions in their proposed law.

This law is just a front for an attack on ‘conversion’. Specifically, people being converted to Christ. Conversion has long been a common phrase used within Christianity as they discuss ‘converting’ non-believers.

Churches, such as Destiny Church, clean up new believers from all types of sexual confusion (sexual abuse, pornography, sexual distortions and more) when they convert to Christianity, and now the LGBTQIA community are trying to protect lifestyles of sexual confusion with this new law, by prohibiting any form of conversion or help that relates to sexual matters.

And when it comes to gender confusion, this is self-inflicted at the hands of the LGBTQIA community themselves. No one seems to know how many genders they now endorse....with varying numbers bandied around up to even 112 different genders. How has a child or young person got any hope of figuring all of those genders out without any level of help from their parents or trusted advisors under these proposed new laws?

Is it any wonder that sexual confusion is now so rife in all aspects of mainstream life, and we see the constant sexualisation of this generation as it becomes so normalised and taboo!

Where have all the churches gone?

With the constant bombardment and attacks on good honest Christian values in this country, particularly all of this sexualisation, you would think that all good honest Kiwis would be taking to the streets in protest.

Yet this anti-Christ spirit has done a fine job of silencing and nullifying a large number of churches and sane-thinking Kiwis. I believe this is primarily a result of two things:

  • FEAR OF HATRED – many good leaders and their people are afraid to publicly voice their concerns about what's happening for fear of public hatred, such as the hatred they see flung at me and Destiny Church. They have been cornered into silence with the bullying and overpowering voice of the LGBTQIA community. Often I have good people tell me quietly how they love what I stand for, and they agree wholeheartedly, but they don’t want to express it publicly for fear of hatred.

  • LOW KEY FAITH – many good Christians have been lulled into a low-key, behind closed doors, level of faith. They’ve become closet Christians who don’t like to let on in public places what they believe. They are happy to just quietly outlive their faith in their homes away from the public eye. This is in complete contrast to the early church modelled in Acts that we are called to imitate as believers.

In Acts 4 we see the Apostles out in the city streets embroiled in public conflict and confrontation with political and religious leaders and non-believers as the Apostles boldly proclaimed Jesus Christ. The persecutors were astonished at the courage of these unschooled and ordinary men. With all the public conflict they attracted, the Apostles constantly sought boldness (Greek = parrhesia) when they prayed... Acts 4:29 “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.”

Acts 4:31 “After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.”

This Greek word ‘Parrhesia’ means boldness or freedom of speech!

My heartfelt cry in these turbulent days is that the churches of New Zealand would finally be filled with God’s courage and boldness. That there would be a boldness and freedom to speak God’s truth, despite any opposition.

Our next generations depend on the courage and boldness of this present generation!

Will you boldly stand and make a difference? Today’s a good day to start!


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