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Brian Tamaki stands up to Excessive State Control

12th October 2021


Apostle Brian Tamaki

Today I appeared before the Auckland Court and I have pleaded ‘not guilty to the charges laid against me by the NZ Police in relation to The Freedoms & Rights Coalition stand on 2nd October.

I believe the judge agreed that we have a right to protest as long as we do not breach current COVID-19 Alert Level restrictions.

This is the first step in the much bigger battle at hand here. We are about to make this a landmark case for New Zealand.

We the people must force the government’s hand to give the NZ Bill of Rights 1990, ‘supreme law status’ in New Zealand and properly protect our freedoms and rights from further attack from any political abuse. It is time that the NZ Bill of Rights 1990 is entrenched in New Zealand law, so no further laws passed by this government can override our freedoms and rights.

This government has attempted to use a ‘state of national emergency’ to justify limiting our rights and freedoms under the NZ Bill of Rights 1990. Can the government please explain how this flu-like virus shows ‘extreme impacts on public health’ where there is a survival rate of over 99%? How does this proportionately justify limiting the entire nation’s freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of movement, freedom of discrimination and the right to refuse to undergo medical treatment?

This government has completely overreached with their excessive power, and it is time that they are made accountable for the social carnage they have inflicted on the New Zealand public. It is time this government removes all lockdowns, limits and restrictions.

I understand from The Freedoms & Rights Coalition that they are currently preparing their court case against this New Zealand government with over 10,000 plaintiffs who will attest to how this government have violated their freedoms and rights, causing irreparable damage:

· Loss of jobs for Teachers, Healthcare workers, Border & MIQ workers and many others

· Loss of lives from the increased suicides within lockdown levels

· Loss of mental health with immeasurable mental damage on families, and an increase in family harm

· Loss of ability to do business

· Loss of livelihoods

· Loss of the right to choose what medical treatments you undergo, without coercion or repercussions

· Loss of ability to parent your children without state interference

· Loss of freedom to gather and preach within churches

· Loss of freedom to move around our country

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team say, “the 16th October 2021 Freedoms Picnic is necessary to show that YOU THE PEOPLE, want your rights and privileges back. This government must visually see the public’s outrage.”

Our Prime Minister has told us its safe to picnic, therefore I will be attending a picnic with my family at the Auckland Domain on this same Saturday with my bubble, adhering to the current COVID-19 restrictions, wearing my mask, but also at the same time exercising my right to peacefully protest. I am not organising this Families Freedom picnic, I will leave that to The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team who are quite capable.


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