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Do NZ Newbies deserve equal rights as NZ Kiwis?

Opinion Piece

Brian Tamaki

Waitangi Day - 6th February 2024

It’s time that Kiwis come together…Māori and European.  Our enemy is not each other, it is those who are still trying to invade our shores and trying to take us over.  As the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 to stop other nations from invading our shores…the same is again true.


It didn’t escape my attention that David Seymour has made a point twice at Waitangi 2024 to state that those who have just stepped off the plane at Auckland Airport today as new New Zealanders, should have equal rights as everyone else in New Zealand.


That means if you’ve lived here all your life, and your family has sweated and toiled to make this country what it is…your tax money has built this nation…he thinks someone stepping off the plane today should have equal rights as you, even if they have no love or infinity with the Kiwi Way of Life. Seymour believes it should be tino rangatiratanga for all…mana for all. And he seems particularly keen on these newbies having equal rights in housing.


This doesn’t just impact on Māori, that impacts on all of us as Kiwis.

If you thought it was tough for your kids to purchase their first home in New Zealand, it’s about to get a lot tougher as this new government lays out the welcome mat for as many immigrants as possible to flood into New Zealand.


Should an undercover Hamas terrorist escaping to live in New Zealand, stepping off the plane today…do they deserve equal rights as Kiwis?


Should a Chinese businessman coming to buy up vast masses of Kiwi land…do they deserve equal rights as Kiwis?


This new government reeks to high heaven of a globalist agenda, that plans to sell off our nation to the highest bidder…to those with the most money so the fat cats in their boardrooms can get even fatter with an overstimulated economy.  Never mind the everyday Mum & Dads struggling under the weight of high rent prices, increased mortgage payments and the high cost of living.


They are ignoring the basic fact that our current infrastructure can’t handle more people (roads, water pipes, energy systems…). We also have a housing shortage, we have an overburdened health system, a dysfunctional education system, over-crowded classrooms due to immigrants, out-of-control crime and an increasing prison population…the list goes on.  We are not in a good way as a nation, we are in the crap and we’ve lost our way big-time! And they want to invite more people in to compound the issues even further.


It’s time to find some middle ground as the two people who founded this nation…Māori & European.


It’s time to prioritise Kiwis first, not just Iwi first or even refugees or newbies first.


For the past six years, we’ve had a government that favoured and prioritised Māori and minority groups such as the rainbow community, refugees, and eastern religions. The actions of Labour and their cohorts in Greens and Te Pāti Māori were the instigators of the great racial division we are now experiencing. Many other Kiwis felt excluded and cast aside by the Labour government.


Now, on the flip-side, it seems we have a government that will favour the newbies that have just landed in New Zealand.


While Winston’s party is called New Zealand First, and despite all his electioneering, vote-grabbing speeches, his track record on immigration speaks for itself.  Under the Labour-NZ First coalition-led government immigration increased.


I believe this Waitangi can be significant, the beginning of something beautiful.  The beginning of Kiwis coming together to fight for and protect our nation once again from invading forces, just as our forefathers did on the 6th February 1840.


We must unite and take action together now to prioritise Kiwis First, before we end up as refugees in our own land.


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