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Apostle Brian Tamaki

Big Cheers to the Farmers, Growers, and Ute/SUV owners (to which I’m one) who today are out there protesting against the ridiculous policies this out-of-touch government comes up with.

Today we will likely see the biggest protest from rural New Zealand ever to take place in our nation. Farmers, Growers and Tradies are stressed, frustrated, anxious and they’ve had enough.

Take a closer look at the penalties, punishments, taxes and control over our freedoms this Labour government love to exact! Taking better care of the environment is one thing…but herding us farmers into the Labour government’s ‘Pens of Control’ is a whole different story, to be dagged and shorn by their ideological ideas and socialist plans. This, along with the “out-to-lunch” Greenies who are wrecking our nation’s economic backbone and generations of families beloved livelihoods (farming) along with a full-frontal attack on small business owners, growers, tradies, and every other Ute/SUV owner, including us recreational pig-hunters (10s of 1000s of us) who also own the beloved Ute.

But here’s the thing, why would seemingly intelligent, kind, articulate well-presented politicians come out with such crazy, non-sensical policies and ideas? It’s simple! They are ideologically driven! They are Socialists, who tax and take from the rich, redistribute amongst the poor, to equalize all people in status, earning capacity so they are sufficiently state-controlled and dependent.

Just this morning, David Parker smirked with their agenda to redistribute wealth when he said, “I do note that farmers are doing very well, export prices are high, interest rates and low, profits are high.”

Labour want sufficient control socially and economically. It’s called globalism, multiculturalism, and social engineering!

Beware…this Labour machine is now on a deceptive, manipulative “BLACKMAILING-BUY-YOUR-VOTE-SCHEME”. Yup, they’ve done it to the beneficiaries, small-business owners, Māori, Pacific Islanders, LGBTQI community, even the gangs…and now watch out farmers and Ute owners. I’ve noticed when an uprising of a large enough crowd/protest happens, Jacinda quickly enacts our hard-working population’s Achilles heel…MONEY. Just watch…she will come to buy you. The beehive will be around the boardroom table plotting it now. There will be a rebate, tax-alleviation for your hurt, or some monetary pay-off. It’s just a matter of time.

Watch Out Farmers, Growers and Tradies! You’re next on the Hit List of ‘Buy-Your-Votes’ with some monetary lollies…you’ll be brought when you accept it, and you’ll join her growing list of helpless victims.


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