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Gender Confusion @ Critical Levels


Friday 17th May 2024

Brian Tamaki

I’ve been warning Kiwis for the past several years about the extreme dangers of gender ideology being pumped into our young people.


Make no mistake...right now, there is a worldwide war raging for the future of our children and youth. Governments have to front up to the critical and confronting matter of gender ideology.


Here in NZ, I am saddened, but not surprised, to see headlines today that a Kiwi teen has tried to remove their own breasts at home. This morning PM Christopher Luxon was confronted by media about this, to which he stated he wasn’t aware of the incident, but there would be a lot more money pumped into healthcare in general.  Notably, he was flanked by MP Matt Doocey, the ex-Tavistock employee, and current Youth Minister and Mental Health Minister, as Luxon tackled this curly question. 



Yesterday, I was pleased to see that UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took the bold and courageous move to ban gender ideology teaching in UK schools. He didn’t go quite far enough...but a good start, none the less.


On the flip side, parents in the USA are up in arms as a court ruled today that parents do NOT have the right to opt their kids out of LGBTQ-inclusive reading assignments in public schools. This is kids in kindergarten up to fifth grade....their little ones. The Federal Appeals Court ruled that in the Maryland School District parents have no right to an ‘opt-out’ option with LGBTQ+ curriculum that covers sexuality and gender. This case will likely now head to the Supreme Court as parents fight for their rights to protect their children from gender ideology.


Gender issues are forcing parents to passionately protest in the streets.  In New York, recent counter protestors could be heard chanting “We’re here. We’re queer.  We’re coming for your children.”


They are not hiding it anymore.  They are bold and brazen about it everywhere you look. Today it’s Pink Shirt Day, and I’ve driven past primary schools that are awash with pink.  I met an upset school teacher yesterday in Palmerston North who told me they have Transgender individuals continually trying to gain access into school classrooms. The Rainbow/Trans/LGBTQ+ community have been coming for our children and young people for a long time now, and it has reached critical, state of emergency levels, while everyone has been caught napping.


Politicians can no longer avoid this issue, or kick the can down the road.

We have a global gender identity state of emergency. When kids are cutting off their breasts, as a nation we must urgently take a step back and ask the heck did things get this bad? 


Only 20 years ago we did not see this type of gender confusion amongst our teens.

Yet with the proliferation of liberal leaders, rainbow washing, LGBTQ+ politicisation, trans activism and gender questioning throughout our schools, topped off with clueless, casual parents, we now have a generation of young people who are disturbingly confused. They do not know who they are and they are taking drastic and sad measures.


In 2017, 10% of Gen Z in the USA identified as LGBTQ+.  Now in 2023, this number has grown to 20%.  I’d hate to think how bad our stats are in New Zealand, but I’m sure we’ll find out in the coming census stats to be released at the end of May 2024.


The NZ Government must urgently address all matters related to gender ideology before we lose this next generation to the point of no return.


·       Gender Ideology must be banned immediately from NZ schools (starting with the RSE curriculum)

·       Puberty Blockers must be banned

·       Defund InsideOUT – the activists pushing gender confusion upon our children


Luxon!  Seymour!  Winston!  We do not want any more delays, compromises or negotiations. The time for talk is over – we need urgent action and revolutionary leadership NOW!


If we do not act down, the consequences of the messed up Generation Z (1995 – 2009) and Generation Alpha (2010 – 2024) will destroy our great country.  The cost for decades to come across health, education and ACC, will be immeasurable. We are teetering on the edge right now in 2024 of mass social carnage.


This is the time for true, courageous leadership to arise and take action!


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