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Here comes the Kingmaker!

Opinion Piece

1st September 2022

Brian Tamaki

Here comes the Kingmaker, whether you like it or not Luxon and Robertson!

This morning I heard Luxon say on Newstalk ZB.."What I've tried to say consistently is that I've got nothing in common with Tamaki. I think they're crazy…” "If it helps Mike, I'm very happy to give you a Mike Hosking exclusive that I'll certainly rule out Tamaki and never work with him."

“They are crazy!” Wow! Who are ‘they?’ Is it the tens of thousands of people pictured below?

Mr Luxon, here are the “Crazy” that you supposedly have nothing in common with:

  • Christians…I am one!

  • Freedom Fighters…I am one!

  • Māori…I am one!

  • Hard-working Kiwis…I am one!

  • Concerned Grandparents & Great-Grandparents…I am one!

  • The Forgottens at the hands of Political Parties…I am one!

  • Those harmed by lockdowns, mandates, government control…I am one!

  • Those fed up with this Labour Government…I am one!

  • Those screwed over by three decades of Labour & National governments…I am one!

  • National voters…I once was one…but never again!

I could keep going, but you get the picture.

So, if I’m hearing you right Mr Luxon, you are saying you have absolutely nothing in common with Christians, Freedom fighters, Māori, Hard-working Kiwis, Grandparents & Great Grandparents, The Forgottens, those harmed through Covid-19, those fed up with Labour, and those screwed over by Labour and National across the decades. Good to know!

Every other Kiwi should sit up and take notice of ‘who’ Christopher Luxon is saying he has nothing in common with.

There’s plenty Luxon and I should have in common if he actually gives a damn about Kiwis.

By calling all of the above “crazy” and writing us ALL off saying he will never work with us, he is writing off votes from the above, emboldening the vote towards Freedoms NZ and signing National’s political death warrant.

All of this because Grant Robertson threw a little tantrum in Parliament yesterday and hurled hate at me, so Luxon quickly capitulates and retreats. Goes to show there’s no real difference between Labour and National after all.

I find it somewhat entertaining that both Robertson & Luxon consider me a significant point of reference. But they all seem to be forgetting one major point…I have made it clear that I am not standing. I have no desire to be in Parliament.

I will however do everything possible to get good people within Freedoms New Zealand into Parliament at the next general election.

Freedoms NZ represents a new political future that is coming. This umbrella party will encompass registered political parties, unregistered political parties, freedom movements, independent candidates, churches, clubs, organisations, people groups and more. Freedoms NZ will be a home and shelter for Kiwis who are no longer satisfied with the old style of politics, and who seek a fresh, innovative and enterprising approach to politics, with good, honest and genuine Kiwis as representatives.

I believe Freedoms NZ will ultimately hold the Kingmaker position after the next general election. So many Kiwis are disillusioned with all of the parties currently sitting in our House of Representatives.

We are still fine-tuning our strategies but I don’t believe Freedoms NZ should go into a coalition with either of the two big parties…that’s like selling your soul out to the devil.

Instead, I believe Freedoms NZ can retain the role of Kingmaker with every motion that is moved in Parliament…deciding the fate of every single vote.

So get ready…here comes the Kingmaker, whether you like it or not Luxon and Robertson!

Fortunately…you don’t get to decide…the people do!


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