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IT'S NZ'S TURN - The Fed-Up Fight from the Right!

Opinion Piece

12th June 2024

Brian Tamaki

RIGHT has had enough of WRONG!

Globally we see the ‘far-right’ taking back everything that is wrong in their countries. France, Belgium, Austria and Germany have all had massive swings back to the right in political elections this past week. We need to take notice of this.

In each case, they credit this to the ‘Rise of Nationalists!’

Nationalists are Patriots...People who love and are loyal to their nation!

Where are the Patriots rising up in New Zealand?

Patriots who want to take New Zealand back...

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with radical race-based rhetoric and separatism

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with climate change madness

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with globalists

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with immigrants taking over our country

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with failing infrastructure

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with Trans/Rainbow ideologies

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with foreign religions

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with criminals

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with corrupt politicians and parties

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with media manipulation

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with incompetent police

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with biased bureaucrats

  • Kiwis who are fed-up with left-leaning wokeness

I believe Kiwis are beginning to wake up, including many good-hearted, common-sense Māori. Many Māori do not subscribe to the radical, divisive rhetoric we’ve witnessed recently. Many Māori have been manipulated too, and they’re now beginning to realise this.

Kiwis, in general, are a little slow to wake from their slumber...and to catch up to the rest of the world, but I sense an urgency to keep sounding the alarm.

Here’s why...

If Kiwis do not quickly wake up, as the radicals, terrorists, left-leaning wokesters and more are pushed out of these countries swinging back to the right...we need to be damn sure New Zealand doesn’t have the welcome mat out so they can not flood in here. New Zealand needs to close down immigration for a season and only allow urgently needed specialists into our country.

We’ve already had far too many radicals flood into our country, with many gaining easy entry into our Parliament.

We need to expose, tear down, and destroy everything that is wrong in our country, in order that we can then rebuild and heal. (Eccl 3:3)

This is why I’ve been on a mission to expose, and uncover corruption and perversion in this nation. It’s a difficult assignment, and it sure does make me unpopular, but it’s never been about attacking individuals, but ideologies. I’m driven by a deep love for the people of this nation. I want to see this nation whole and healed again, so everyone can flourish.

To expose what has been occurring within Māoridom and Te Pāti Māori is much bigger than everyone realises. These cover-ups, corruption and coercion have implications across the entire government system. It highlights a culture of corruption that has been rife in our nation. We can’t allow them to get away with this, or for it to be swept under the carpet from where it will resurface stronger than ever.

I don’t believe the Public Services Commission is the right entity to oversee an inquiry. We run the risk they will just protect their own. Already there is a long list of public service agencies implicated in this corruption:

  • Statistics New Zealand

  • Electoral Commission

  • NZ Police

  • Ministry of Health and Health NZ

  • Ministry of Social Development

  • Ministry of Justice

  • Department of Internal Affairs

  • Te Puni Kōkiri

  • Oranga Tamariki

  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

  • Public Service Commission

The very job of the Public Service Commission is to support government and public servants. They are in bed with their mates. An arm’s-length arrangement doesn’t go far enough. It needs to be a mile away - to ensure total impartiality and integrity.

It’s time to undertake the biggest clean-up to our culture and country, NZ has ever seen.

We can’t do a half-pie job with this clean-up either. We’ve got to reach deep into every nook and cranny in this country. The best way is to FOLLOW THE MONEY. The COVID money, the Māori money, the Census Money...our nation is now overwhelmed with debt, because of the latitude and leniency we allowed corrupt individuals with access to the taxpayer purse strings. It all must be exposed and brought into the light.

We need to shut down immigration for a season so we have time to regain our identity as a nation.

We need time to clean up:

  • Infrastructure – it’s not kept up with mass immigration over the past decades

  • Education – our schools need a complete overhaul so we can once again outperform globally

  • Health – our health system is broken and needs a chance to heal

  • Law & Order – our justice system needs a complete overhaul

  • Housing – we have a massive shortage with house prices skyrocketing

  • Economy – get our economy back on its feet again, and lower the cost of living

  • Social Issues – our people are hurting on many fronts and we need to find our way back to healing and wholeness

This is not the time for more white waffle from commentators, media or politicians.

In order to heal and help this nation, it’s going to take strong, courageous leadership that can bring together and unite everyone as ONE PEOPLE, ONE LAW, ONE GOVERNMENT under ONE GOD.


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