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More Whistleblowers from Manurewa Marae Speak Up

Opinion Piece

5th June 2024

Brian Tamaki

The whole of JT’s Māori economy is about to crumble down.  It’s a House of Cards, with Manurewa Marae as the catalyst to cause it all to fall.


The firestarter to their demise is MP Takutai Tarsh Kemp.


Additional whistle-blowers have now spoken with me. Here is a leaked copy of Manurewa Marae’s Internal Process for each home visited for Census 2023 – this was created by Takutai Tarsh Kemp and her assistant.



Note Step 5 in red – data was to remain in an ‘UNCLOSED’ envelope. This point was stressed to all Census Collectors.


When Takutai Tarsh Kemp was unhappy that not enough Census data forms were being collected for them to glean data from, she set up an Elite team where she paid each collector an extra $100 per form collected to create intense motivation. Needless to say, the forms then poured in.


Their Internal Process:

STEP 1: Manurewa Marae approached each Māori home with the hook of “would you like a winter wellness pack?”  These wellness packs included a political flier for Takutai Tarsh Kemp.


STEP 2: Complete Census Forms with the family (Of important note: They had an exemption from Stats NZ where they only had to complete the first 16 questions of the census form, speeding up the process)


STEP 3: Complete Voting Forms with the family – enrol them to vote, or encourage them to switch from the General roll to the Māori roll


STEP 4: Give the family a $100 voucher for completing the Census


STEP 5: Return ALL forms to Office (In ‘Unclosed’ Envelope)...


The data forms were then sent from the Manurewa Marae Office to the Te Pāti Māori team (overseen by JT) for data to be copied, before being sent to Stats NZ or Electoral Commission.


Te Pāti Māori then used the data gleaned to actively text and contact Māori to come and vote at the Manurewa Marae polling booth for Te Pāti Māori.


Free Hangis, free donuts, free coffee, free ice creams, free hats, free entertainment and more were consistently used to bribe Māori to vote for Te Pāti Māori.


I have been given a copy of the weekly checklists John Tamihere required all Census Collectors at Manurewa Marae to complete, including questions such as:

  • Of the whānau that you supported to enrol, how many of these whānau enrolled on the Māori roll?

  • Did you support any whānau to switch from the General roll to the Māori roll?  If yes, how many?



Stats NZ management also gave JT wide-ranging access to their internal Stats NZ database so he could access key data, that many Stats NZ staff said they weren’t permitted to even access.


There needs to be a full review of Stats NZ management.

There needs to be a full review of the Electoral Commission.

There needs to be a full review of past Prime Ministers and their politicians, and every government department that had dealings with JT & Co.


The corruption runs deep.  The corruption goes right to the top.


We have it on good advice that a lot of John Tamihere’s longstanding team in West Auckland have left his organisation since COVID. They are clearly not happy with how things have been run.


We understand that many ex-employees and current employees of Manurewa Marae are now keen to share all of their observations with all that has occurred over the past four or more years, as they sense that they are free from repercussions at the hands of JT.



For decades John Tamihere has held all the cards within the Māori economy.

He set himself up as the gatekeeper for all social services funding for Māori.

He set himself up as the gatekeeper for Whanau Ora funding.

He set himself up as the gatekeeper for pretty much all Māori funding stating that the money needed to follow Māori.  All government agencies had brought into this, only funding ‘Kaupapa Māori’ John Tamihere approved programmes.


Both JT & Willie Jackson set up the rort that is the National Urban Māori authorities (NUMA, MUMA and Te Whānau o Waipereira Trust etc) to sweep up billions in government money for Māori that was intended for those living in our urban cities.


Labour has aided and abetted John Tamihere with this corruption.

Te Pāti Māori as a political party is now corrupt through and through and needs to be deregistered and shut down.

Many Iwi Leaders have accepted payoffs from JT & Co, essentially hush money. They too need to be investigated.


This scandal is on a scale never seen before in New Zealand’s history.

With Manurewa Marae, we are just scratching the surface of the depths of JT’s corruption.


For decades billions of money have flowed into this Māori economy...but very rarely reaching the people...instead it’s flowed into the hands of the greedy Māori Elite, led by JT and his corrupt mates.


JT & Co also wanted to drive up Māori statistics in this past Census, as more people identifying as Māori means more Māori money for them to play with.


This is what angers me the most – after all of this taxpayer money...Māori have never been worse off in New Zealand with poverty, prisons, crime, mental health, housing, domestic violence and benefit dependency...all because billions have been denied to them by trusted Māori leaders such as JT, Willie & Co.  I know because at the grassroots level I help these Māori out daily without any government assistance.


It’s time for the whole House of Cards to be flattened, so we can start afresh, so Māori can finally receive the help they so desperately need.


It’s time for the Serious Fraud Office to come in and comb through every inch of John Tamihere’s personal finances, Te Pāti Māori finances, Takutai Tarsh Kemp’s finances, Manurewa Marae finances, all Urban Māori Authorities, Waipareira Trust and every other single entity that John Tamihere has even the slightest connection with.


And while these investigations take place the whole of Te Pāti Māori need to be put on leave without pay from Parliament, and a halt put on any further government money flowing to all of these organisations.


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