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Mother's Day Is Here To Stay!

Opinion Piece

Friday 10th May 2024

Brian Tamaki

Trans Activists want you to believe it should be ‘Happy Birthing Parent’ or ‘Family Day’ this Sunday, not ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ We will not allow trans rights to push aside women’s rights or mothers’ rights.


Trans activists are doing everything possible to erase women, including from motherhood. It seems ridiculous, but once again we must stand up for women’s rights.


Transgenders claim “those who don’t feel that they fit into traditional family structures, such as LGBTQIA+ parents, single parents, or individuals who have chosen not to have children, may feel sidelined, as Mother's Day often reinforces conventional ideas about motherhood and family, causing feelings of rejection and loneliness.”


It’s Mother’s Day for a reason.  Transmen can never be a woman.  A man can not naturally have a baby.

They are attempting to attack everything wholesome and right.


This week on X (formerly Twitter) we’ve seen a video go viral of a trans man lying in a hospital bed, being wheeled around in a wheelchair, pretending he has just gone through childbirth whilst clutching his newborn surrogate baby.


The trans activists are fiercely against women.  Case and point the ‘Let Women Speak’ event with Posie Parker that trans activists gate-crashed and violently attacked women.


Trans are trying to implement around the world language that dehumanises women. They have sought to remove the word ‘mother’ from maternity terms – instead using the terms ‘birthing parent’, ‘birth-givers’ or ‘pregnant people’. All because a minute number of transgenders have had babies.


They’ve introduced chestfeeding instead of breastfeeding. 

They would have you believe that men can even menstruate. They’ve installed period products in NZ schools that are available for ‘menstruating students’ or ‘menstruating persons’. 


Trans are doing everything possible to put women back in the box women had broken free from – again trying to make it a mans/trans world.  Trans have tried to take back women’s sports, parenting titles, women’s awards and beauty pageants.


Many of our politicians can not even describe what a woman is these days.  Women have become marginalised.


New Zealand was proudly the first country to allow women the right to vote.  Women had made huge inroads to advocate for women’s rights.  Sadly, New Zealand has trampled on our history of what was once passionately fought for.  Trans rights were not the gender equality Kate Sheppard & Co were fighting for. In a heartbeat that has all been reversed by a small minority of radical trans activists, who want everything to be about them, in their true diva or drama queen style. There are no female-only domains these days.


Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honour and stand up for real women.


The sacrifices women make to become a mother should not be diminished or belittled by trans.

Let’s face it, if men had to go through the agony and trauma of childbirth, they would only have one child.  Yet mothers are exceptional creatures.  They sacrifice their bodies, their dignity, and their lives, to become pregnant, to carry a precious baby for nine months, the riggers of painstaking childbirth and the years they dedicate to nurture and care for their children.


Real Kiwi men must be courageous to defend our women...our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters.

We will not allow trans rights to push aside women’s rights or mothers’ rights.


This Mother’s Day we thank God for the precious God-Given gift that is our mothers.


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