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4th November 2023

The Chaos Agent, once again, as Peters assumes the role of Kingmaker! One thing is certain after this election, given what has been exposed to all, our political system is corrupt (as the Labour Government has proven). After many decades, New Zealand voters do not seem to have the stomach to bust out of an 88-year-old addiction to ‘Colour-Voting’ – Blue or Red. We all know the incumbent party will screw us over mid-term, and the voters' reaction is always predictable: they vote for the other colour in the next election.

We act as if there are no alternatives or better ways (but there are, you know). So, we find ourselves trapped in that great definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result, and there never is one! This colour-voting often overlooks the candidates' fitness and competence.

Some electorates didn't even know the candidate, and some candidates didn't even live in the electorate. Democratic representation has long caved into party politics, controlled by a few elite leaders at the top table of each party's caucus. Just consider Luxon's silencing and muzzling of several MPs expressing their thoughts.

Despite Winston Peters holding three previous King-Maker positions, one would have thought the voting public would have learned valuable lessons. But oh no, here we have this political charlatan back for a fourth time. Well, New Zealand, you seem to continue wanting this, feeding the dysfunction that has festered in Parliament's swamp.

My stand with Freedoms New Zealand was in the hope that the voting public might have wanted a deeper change, a fresh start, a clean-out of our undemocratic processes that we continue to tolerate. Unfortunately, it was not to be. We must endure the same old, same old, politics of old…led by a politician of old.

Seymour's hatred of Peters was evident during the campaign. Seymour, at least, knows that Winston can't be trusted. Luxon, on the other hand, just wants the whole process to hurry along, not for the best negotiations, but because he's a first-timer and wants that ‘Power-Rush’ to happen as soon as possible. He really needs to Man Up if he's to survive.

History speaks, and in Winston's case, the ugly has always outweighed the good and the bad. Here come three years of National, NZ First, and Act – threesomes never work.


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