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Opinion Piece - 8th April 2022

In an increasingly extreme and secular New Zealand, we have sold out three powerful societal bonding factors:

1. The nuclear family 2. Our founding faith 3. Our precious freedoms.

The unimaginable idea that New Zealand would one day be fighting the possibility of socialism and turning into a communist country would have been scoffed at by our ancestors. Yet, here we are with our economic condition worsening, social disasters, increasing child poverty, rising crime (particularly family harm), housing and food shortages, overwhelming mental health issues, and a deteriorating anti-democratic government.

Our political system is supposed to be underpinned by The Westminster Constitution which has Christian values and principles at its foundation. Yet, we now see an ever-increasing liberal-secular narrative invading our once free, prosperous and safe New Zealand, removing our faith, family structure and freedoms.

We can not trust politicians. We can no longer trust law enforcement and the judicial system. We can only trust God right now.

We sing our national anthem, “God defend New Zealand.” It’s time we now create more space for God to move in this country. God will defend us if we allow Him to.

God promised that the necessities of life will be supplied without fret or worry. There will be no need to worry about food shortages, housing shortages, water shortages and more. Jesus was clear, “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.” The flip side is, without God in our country the necessities of life will disappear and famines are eminent.

God is relevant, even more so these days. God has been a key player n many protest settings throughout history. A fine example of this was God featuring in the music, prayer and messages in the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King Jnr…he was a preacher and man of God too.

In many Western countries like America, there is a current momentum growing amongst Christians towards protest action, as they become activists and more politically involved. There is finally an awakening after the church has been slumbering for so long. Christians are waking up to the fact that ‘we do not comply’ when laws go against God and His principles.

It is time for the people of God in New Zealand to also arise and uphold faith, family and freedoms, as our government have proven they are incapable of it. Politically timid Christians have allowed New Zealand to be hijacked by polytheistic, pagan pillories.

Let’s create more space for God to move in this country.

Let’s uphold faith, family and freedoms…it’s desperately needed at this time.

I invite all Christians and their churches to join me on Easter Sunday. It will be an inspirational afternoon that will impart hope and inspiration to a battered church after we have been restricted and locked down from freely gathering for the past two years.

Come and hear what the next steps will be for The Freedoms & Rights Coalition, at this coming event, where I’ve been invited to speak for the first time in public as the freshly released political prisoner. I also invite all freedom fighters to join me, whatever your faith may be.

You are invited to this date in the domain:
Faith, Family & Freedoms Rally
Easter Sunday - 17th April 2022 – 3pm
Auckland Domain
Featuring, live music with special guest appearances, Easter Carnival Games, an Epic Easter Egg hunt and a great speaker...yes, ME!


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