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THIS IS WAR! Parents vs Perversion & Politicians


27th June 20024

Brian Tamaki

Brian Tamaki and Destiny Church are calling for immediate action to protect New Zealand’s children from what they describe as the growing sexualization of children by certain groups and individuals. Tamaki expressed deep concern over the influence of R18+ adult entertainers and groomers, specifically criticizing the presence of drag queens in libraries, viewing it as part of a broader issue affecting the country's moral fabric.


“We are promoting and protecting our innocent kids from sexual predators, and you have political leaders, finance ministers and MPs throughout all of these parties spending multi-millions on funding the sexualisation of our kids.  Well, this is war…Parents vs Perversion and Politicians,” Tamaki said.


“I believe a lot of good, commonsense Kiwis are on my side with this issue.”


"How has New Zealand arrived at this point, in such a terrible situation with twisted people targeting our innocent children, even toddlers? The naked videos of these entertainers online are appalling. These are not the role models we want in front of our children. This is why this country is in a mess," he said.


While upholding the value of free speech, Tamaki emphasized that it should not come at the expense of exposing children to inappropriate content that is not age-appropriate. “Free Speech is not a licence for ‘anything goes’. We have R13, R18 censorship restrictions in New Zealand for a reason.”


"Say what you want, take me to court, this ongoing protest action is necessary to protect our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It’s not enough getting the RSE curriculum kicked out of our schools, but drag queens targeting toddlers in our libraries... this is the sick sexualization of our children," Tamaki added.


Tamaki called for a collective effort from concerned parents and citizens to address what he describes as the "rainbow washing" of politicians and the media, urging a nationwide movement to protect children from sexual predators and inappropriate content.


"If there’s ever a time to clean up all of this rubbish... if you care about our children... now is the time to challenge all of these politicians, media and transgenders, and clean up the perversion of the sexualization of our kids," he concluded. "I call on every Kiwi to join this necessary battle: Parents vs Perversion & Politicians."


In addition to addressing the sexualization of children, Brian Tamaki and Destiny Church affirm their commitment to peaceful political protests, emphasizing their long-standing record of non-violence in over 200 organized events in recent years. In a statement, Tamaki clarified that the term "shut them down" refers solely to peaceful political actions, not to any form of violence or the use of weapons.


"All Kiwis should know by now, we hold peaceful political protests. The only ones who will not admit this are politicians, the media, and Drag Queens and Kings," said Tamaki. "There is no history of us ever being violent."


Political Leaders have recently provided the following comments on the cancellation of the Drag King performing in front of toddlers at the Upper Hutt Library and related issues:

  • NATIONAL – Nicola Willis, “No need to be jealous Brian.  I’ll follow you on Instagram too if you’ll give lipstick and boas a go.”

  • ACT – David Seymour, “very good example of what happens when you give the thugs veto to free speech…if you want to do a peaceful exchange of information, I don’t really care that much what you wear, as long as you’re not hurting anyone…But when people come along and actually use the thug’s veto to stop you speaking freely in any environment – that’s wrong.”

  • LABOUR – Chris Hipkins, people have a right to protest “but they don’t have a right to stop people doing what they want to do…If parents want to have their children at a storytime with a drag queen or a drag king, then that’s their decision, not Destiny Church’s.”


“These comments reveal the underlying rainbow state of our major political parties.”


“The public has mostly railed against Nicola Willis on X for her above reply to me, and she’s exposed her true colours and rainbow agenda for all to see, but the media won’t report this.”


Regarding the recent events outside the Auckland High Court involving a Drag Queen's drama show and press conference, we would like to clarify our position.


At this time, we have not been formally served with any papers regarding the civil claim mentioned in the media. Without proper legal notification, it would be premature for us to comment on specific allegations or details surrounding this matter.


We want to emphasize that we are not afraid of any potential court case. As a responsible entity, we are committed to addressing any legal issues through the appropriate legal channels.


We note the fact that the NZ Herald is promoting crowdfunding for a legal case against Brian Tamaki for allegedly defaming Drag Queens. “This exposes once again the woke media bias we have in New Zealand,” states Tamaki.


Brian Tamaki and Destiny Church continue to stand firm in their mission to advocate for the well-being of New Zealand’s children and to uphold the values they believe are essential for a healthy society.


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