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Where has all our Freedoms gone?


27th September 2021

Apostle Brian Tamaki

Where has all our freedoms gone? So goes the next line in the song “…long time passing.” And according to many of our illustrious politicians, they agree with this tune!

Both Sir John Key and PM Jacinda Ardern are joining a global political trend, where they believe that ‘Freedom’ is treated as a privilege to be granted or taken away by The State and not an inherent ‘Right’ we possess as human beings.

Too many governments have come to regard ‘Freedom’ as something they can give or take away as they see fit. They want to use ‘freedom’ as a reward that they can dole out when they see fit.


Hence the violent explosions within many of the massive protests taking place across the world stage at present. Millions of citizens, in many countries, take to the street as their only option left against increasing excessive state control.

People are frustrated at the bare-faced stripping away of their basic Human Right of ‘The Freedom to Choose!’

This is reinforced by what Sir John Key publicly stated in his TV interview with Jack Tame on the Q+A programme yesterday. He made this statement, “The only way to make them vaccinate is to take away liberties.”

If it wasn’t written and published in black and white, what I’m writing about today could be argued or I’d be told I was dreaming! But the fact is other politicians, including PM Jacinda Ardern and an out-of-touch media, are all culpable of serious political crimes against The People of NZ! Our Politicians have become POLITICAL CRIMINALS for violating our human rights.

To add more arrogant salt to the wound from Sir John Key, he adds a massive monetary bribe from our very own hard-to-come-by tax-payer money to Māori and Pacific Islanders! “Give Māori & Pacific health providers a financial incentive for every person they vaccinate in the next six weeks.” Stop Press: Did the public of NZ just hear that? He also said, “the Government needs to get out its chequebook and start buying our consent to be vaccinated with a bribe.”

Am I living in New Zealand, or am I now living in Columbia or Mexico where corruption prevails? This is like something out of the movies we’ve all watched over the years.

But then, Keys goes on to say…” The Government should not rely on fear tactics any longer to force people to be vaccinated.”

The comedy show gets worse. The admission of one ex-Prime Minister to the existing Prime Minister is “the fear tactics are not working anymore, maybe we “buy ‘em by bribing ‘em!”

So this is the view of New Zealand’s political establishment on WE, THE PEOPLE’S FREEDOMS!

This is the reason why the good citizens of New Zealand have no alternative but to openly and peacefully protest that they “KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF OUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS”, and ‘We The People’ demand that our entire corrupt political system is reformed.

Join us this Saturday 02.10.21, as we peacefully stand for the protection of our Freedoms and Rights.

· Families Freedom Picnic

· Rolling Thunder Down Under motorcade

· Auckland event: Auckland Domain 11am

· Multiple events throughout NZ – go to

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