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Press Release

15th March 2024

Brian Tamaki

“Enough is Enough! We will no longer sit back and watch the transgender invasion into our public places and’s a full-on assault on the innocence of our children” states Brian Tamaki, a respected and vocal leader from the right.  He is also a proud father, grandfather, and more recently a great-grandfather to four young ones.


“It’s time to clean up and confront this scourge in our society, the scourge of transgender ideology.”


Tamaki’s comments come as he mobilises his followers to take action against upcoming Rainbow storytelling events as a part of yet another national tour planned by Drag Queens.  Tamaki’s team will take action to shut down the events planned for the Drag Queens Rainbow Storytelling at the Rotorua Library next Thursday, and the Hastings Library the following Wednesday.


Tamaki’s team have also taken proactive steps petitioning the local councils involved, urging them to stop these Rainbow Storytelling events in council-owned libraries.


“This has crossed the line. I’ve had enough of all this Rainbow-washing (brainwashing) over our nation.  They are specifically targeting our innocent kids with their filth. They are recruiting and grooming our kids in places where they should be our schools, our libraries, our sports and our public places. They are even preying on our most vulnerable children who are in state care.”


Tamaki is referring to:


New Zealand Schools:

  • The Pride Week Campaign proudly reports that in 2023 they saw a record 300+ schools from all around NZ take part, including over 60% of all Secondary Schools!

  • Despite campaign promises from the new government, the Relationships & Sexuality Curriculum is still in full operation within our New Zealand schools encouraging kids from a young age to question their gender, discussing sexual activities and even the use of hormone blockers. They have spread this ideology through every learning area in our schools, including English and Science so it makes it impossible for parents to opt their kids out of this form of sex education, as they’d miss every subject.

  • Recently Auckland University researchers asked thousands of 8-year-old children which gender they identified with

Council Libraries

  • Many libraries throughout the country are now hosting Rainbow Storytelling sessions, with many led by Erika & Coco Flash on their national tour. This duo have released a lot of very disturbing promotional material over the years. 


  • Sport New Zealand released in 2022 their ‘Guiding Principles for the Inclusion of Transgender People in Community Sport’.  Young girls are also reported as becoming deterred from competing at an elite level with the increasing likelihood they will come up against transgender men in their sport.

Public places

  • Drag queens are parading around many public events these days, in our streets and in our shopping malls, happily taking photos with children.

State Care

  • Oranga Tamariki have recently released a doc called ‘Making Ourselves Visible’ as a basis for Oranga Tamariki policy on rainbow and takatāpui children and young people in the care and fostering systems.

“Don’t you worry...we’ll also take action against the School’s Pride Week planned again for June this year” states Tamaki.


This is just one of multiple events the Rainbow community have planned throughout their jam-packed calendar year, as they push their Pride Pledge across every month and a mantra of ‘Visibility, Safety and Inclusion.’


“They are doing everything possible to be visible to our kids, to rainbow wash them.  That’s why these Drag Queens dress up to look like fun children’s characters. They are purposefully targeting our kids.”


“Every parent who cares about their children...they need to take notice, they need to wake up, and take a stand against what is targeting our next generation. We all have a responsibility to protect the innocence of our children, and right now that’s not happening.”


“I am passionate about protecting my moko.  NZ has gone too far with this transgender ideology! This rainbow-washing nonsense has invaded every part of our society.  We must stand up and protect the innocence of our children, otherwise, we’ll be known as the generation of parents and grandparents that didn’t care enough.”


Tamaki elaborates that the transgender ideology he is referencing also includes:

  • The Gender Affirming (Genital) Surgery Service, which is a part of Health New Zealand:

    • Received $2.99m of taxpayer money in 2019 to perform gender-affirming surgeries

    • Surgeries include feminising breast augmentation, masculinising chest reconstruction, hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes), orchidectomy (removal of testicles), vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty.

    • Some surgeries, such as a double mastectomy have already been performed on NZ children at the age of sixteen.

  • Puberty Blockers for children (9 – 17 yrs old) are more highly used in NZ than in other countries.  Pharmac data shows NZ had 703 children on puberty blockers in 2020 compared with about 1,000 prescribed them in England over the same period.

  • The Rainbow flags fly at every turn, and even rainbow pedestrian crossings feature in many NZ towns and cities. The cash-strapped Wellington Council has been known to fork out $22,500 for just one rainbow crossing. Throughout the country, rainbow crossings will have cost ratepayers hundreds of thousands.

  • The commonality of gender-neutral changing rooms and bathrooms throughout New Zealand

  • The proliferation of New Zealand organisations, government departments, banks and businesses adopting rainbow versions of their branding so they can boast a rainbow tick of approval from rainbow activists.


If you need any further proof of the spread of this global transgender agenda, check out this ‘tell all’ video from a transgender 


“They are trying to make natural, what is unnatural, and forcing it on our kids. This is not about human rights anymore, it’s about human wrongs!  Yes, Transgenders and Drag Quees have a basic human right to do what they like in private, but keep it out of the public arena, and especially away from any kids.”


“I have no faith in this new government that they will take the steps necessary to protect our kids.  The transgender ideology has taken hold of National, ACT and even NZ First introduced into schools the dirty Relationships & Sexuality Education in 2020.”


Tamaki states that he has several plans underway in 2024 that include proposed legislation to ban Drag Queens in public places.  Immediately, Tamaki plans to have a team attend every library event where Drag Queens are present.  Follow @BrianTamakiNZ on X (formerly Twitter) to stay informed of everything he plans throughout 2024.


“Today’s the day.  From hereon we will front up and put a stop to all Drag Queens in our libraries and schools. We will put a stop to this transgender nonsense in New Zealand!  Somebody’s got to do it in a big way that parents finally sit up and take we are taking up the challenge...for the sake of our Kiwi Kid’s innocence.”


“Enough is Enough Volume more Drag Queens recruiting and grooming our Kiwi Kids!”


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