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It's time to Ban Islam in NZ!

Opinion Piece

16th April 2024

Brian Tamaki


Terrorism is on our doorstep!



This faith harbours terrorists.

There may already be Islamic Jihadists sitting in sleeper cells in NZ!


Why do I believe this...

  1. NZ has had two successive governments that have promoted Islam, and diminished Christianity.  Ardern was pro-Islam. Luxon is pro-Islam. Ardern & Luxon both subscribe to the same multiculturalism ideology.

  2. NZ has had record levels of Immigration from non-western countries with over 250,000 immigrants just in the last year

  3. There were over 65,000 Islam already in NZ at the last census, and likely more due to high immigration. The likelihood of some being Jihadists is high. If only 2.5% are, that could be 1,625 terrorists living amongst us.

  4. NZ has already had Islamic terrorist attacks, ie. LynnMall supermarket stabbings, and multiple terrorist threats within our schools


These Terrorists all chant “Allahu Akbar” – they are declaring that their god is greater - it is the universally recognised battle cry of Jihadi terrorists. Anybody who ever declares this in NZ, should be immediately deported.


The Terrorist Attack on a Christian Church in Sydney serves as an imminent warning that the safety of NZers is also now at risk, with our soft-belly approach to multicultralism.


The real target of Islam, is now revealing itself.  It has always been Judeo-Christians. Islam is trying to take over Western countries that were previously Christian. The more that Christianity is abandoned, we see the parrel of other religions flooding in, and the deterioration of Western society. Kiwis are out to lunch if they think it’s not happening here.


The 16-year-old terrorist attacker will be considered a martyr now, praised within Islam and could well be the first of many to follow.


I would also ask, why don’t we see prominent Islamic leaders or groups in NZ ever robustly condemning terrorist attacks that take place by Islamic Jihadists?


I am concerned that Islam harbours terrorists here in NZ!


It’s a ticking timebomb. These Islamic Terrorists could easily attack any vulnerable mass gathering in NZ, including Schools, Sports Stadiums, Rock Concerts, Malls etc.


It’s only a matter of time, unless Kiwis take robust action now to protect our country.

NZ must urgently:

  • Ban the practising of Islam in NZ

  • Ban Mosques or Temples

  • Close the borders to Immigrants/Refugees/asylum seekers until we get our act together.

  • Deport anyone from Islamic countries

  • Prosecute politicians who promote Islam.  Ie. Tory Whanau with her Mosque Prayer Calls


Luxon is selling our soul for the sake of a quick buck with his open borders.

Luxon is putting money and the economy, over the safety of Kiwi lives.


If you take a step back, you must see that immigration is destroying our country – housing shortage, broken infrastructure, economic strain and more.

Continuing to keep our borders open, is madness.


Multiple religions can not co-exist together in a country, it’s been proven throughout history, multiple times over. If you move to an Islamic country, you can not build a Christian Church. The same should be the case in NZ.


Kiwis are voting with their feet in NZ, and moving overseas. We can either abandon our country, or fight to save it from ruin.


It is best that we are safe, than sorry!


Islam has taken over Western countries because we have abandoned Christ.

We must once again declare to the world that we are a Christian country after Helen Clark removed our founding faith in 2007.



Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord Jesus Christ.”


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