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We must stop Islam's Advance in NZ



Sunday 28th April 2024

“Germany has a new Hitler.” These are the reports out of Germany as Hitler-inspired speeches ring out from Islamists.  They are going from one extreme religion (Nazism) to another...Islam!


Mass numbers of Muslims marched this weekend in Germany…calling for a caliphate.  A caliphate = Sharia law. A caliphate is an Islamic form of government in which political and religious leadership unite, and the head of state (the Caliph) is a successor to the Prophet Muhammad.


Across the USA, universities have been taken over and turned into caliphates by violent, protesting students.


Here in NZ, you may think we have nothing to worry about, that we are so far removed.

Oh, how naïve.

National MPs are actively promoting the Islam faith, and stay quiet on all things Christian. 

PM Christopher Luxon continually posts glowing tributes for Islamic celebrations, and other religions, but can’t even acknowledge Easter.

National MP, Rima Nakhle went live on Facebook yesterday at the Porchester Islamic Centre in Takanini, actively promoting for the public to come along to their Ramadan Family Day celebrations and join the ‘thousands’ there.  Let’s not fool ourselves… they are encouraging the public to join Islam.


Right now there are a group of radical Islamic men touring New Zealand promoting and recruiting for their Islamic faith.


Muslims are destroying Christian Western countries.

In the UK, there have been over one million rapes of white British girls by Muslim rape gangs – with these Muslims boasting that British girls are ‘easy meat’.


Brother Rachid (an ex-Muslim, now follower of Christ) states:

“Muslims preach Islam freely in the West, but they forbid preaching other religions in their countries. Muslims build mosques freely in the West but they forbid or limit the building of churches in their countries. Muslims recruit converts to Islam freely in the West but they punish and kill those who convert to Christianity in Muslim countries.”


TikTok is being used as an accelerant for Islamism, where they are converting millions of our young people to Islam…and this will shock parents…a lot of them are Christians converting to Islam.


In Germany more and more parents are turning to counselling centres because the Christian children want to convert to Islam, so they are no longer the ‘outsiders.’


They are using TikTok to brainwash our kids.  They are using TikTok to promote Islam, particularly in regard to supporting Palestine (an Islamic state).


There are certain TikTok channels in which Islamist popstars convince students that they have to oppose the Western way of life and that only a caliphate is the right form of government.  The constant message is that non-Muslims are less valuable than Muslims.


Don’t believe me…just look at the recent teen terrorist ring arrested in Sydney this past week, radical Islamists as young as 14 years old.


Who can remember when Jacinda Ardern announced after the Christchurch Massacre “this is not who we are!”  But she couldn’t say who we are, what our national identity now is.  This broadcasted to the world that New Zealand had lost its identity. I called it out at the time, that NZ needed to declare ourselves as a Christian nation before it is too late.


We still have a window of opportunity to stop Islam in its tracks of aggressively advancing across this nation.  We will do that by restoring loud and proud our Christian faith. We will restore Christian morals and beliefs across every sphere of society, and remove everything that opposes.


I believe these are the winds of change, and the seeds of revolution have now been planted. Get ready!


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