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Destiny Church calls for Christchurch Clean-Up


Friday 3rd May 2024

Brian Tamaki

As Christchurch & Tauranga city councils consider installing rainbow crossings, Brian Tamaki and his Destiny Church say “No way, not one more rainbow crossing!”


“Rainbow crossings are another form of rainbow-washing that targets future generations. We’ve had enough,” states Brian Tamaki ahead of speaking in Christchurch both Sunday and Monday nights this weekend.


“It goes even deeper. Not only are locals opposed to a rainbow crossing, but Christchurch also has a lot to answer for in the peddling of puberty blockers amongst Kiwi kids.”


“In Christchurch, many are we have our own Kiwi version of Tavistock operating?” asks Tamaki.


“Christchurch is due for a clean-up, and I’m just the man to roll up my sleeves and get it done,” claims Tamaki.


When asked about the underlying motive for all of his protest actions to date, Tamaki replies “Ultimately we are taking a stand because we want to protect the innocence of our children.  The trans/rainbow agenda across this nation has gone too far, and is unashamedly targeting our children and youth. It’s not on. This is Enough is Enough Part 2.”


Tamaki and Destiny Church have been clear that they have set their focus on:

  • Removing Drag Queens in libraries and schools

  • Removing RSE curriculum through our schools

  • Banning puberty blockers

  • Removing the proliferation of rainbow propaganda normalising this ideology


Rainbow Crossings

Destiny Church is strongly opposed to rainbow crossings for the following additional reasons.


For starters, rainbow crossings are illegal. They are unsafe and defy the Land Transport Rules.


Secondly, and especially in a cost-of-living crisis, councils need not waste money on frivolous spending, and prioritise projects and initiatives that benefit the broader community and address pressing local issues rather than catering to the demands of specific interest groups with symbolic gestures.


Thirdly, If councils are going to cater to one politicised rainbow movement and their ideology, they need to be prepared to cater to all ideologies to avoid favouritism.


Lastly, rainbow crossings are all part of the council’s contributions to rainbow-washing this nation and influencing future generations to question their biological gender.


Tamaki says, “The $2.3 billion debt-ridden Christchurch City Council (CCC), would be reckless to splash between $15k - $50k on a rainbow crossing, all because a small minority group wants a “visible sign of inclusion.”


“Why would the council even waste the time and resources ‘investigating’ the installation of a rainbow pedestrian crossing?”


“The CCC has already gone too far allowing trans men to have access to women’s bathrooms and changing rooms at CCC facilities.”  


“Why do councils recklessly jump to attention for anything that promotes ‘rainbow’ or ‘trans?’”


Puberty Blockers

As New Zealand awaits any day the government’s release on Puberty Blockers, Tamaki is raising questions about a Christchurch doctor and Christchurch clinic peddling puberty blockers.


Since 2010 to 2020, there has been a 413% increase in puberty blockers being used by 9 to 17 yr olds in NZ.


Puberty Blockers are still used very liberally in New Zealand.  According to an article in The Listener (2021), 60-70% of young people presenting with gender dysphoria in New Zealand will be prescribed puberty blockers.


A single youth clinic in Christchurch prescribes puberty blockers to 65% of youth they are treating. In contrast, in Australia and the UK, only 5-20% of youth were on puberty blockers.


At the forefront is this youth clinic in Christchurch. Dame Sue Bagshaw pioneered gender transitioning care for youth in New Zealand, and has a lot to answer for. “As one of the architects of medicalising gender dysphoria in Kiwi kids, the toxic (IMHO) Dr Bagshaw had the news media and education system in lockstep with her brutal social engineering” stated Ian Wishart from Investigate Magazine. She was made a Dame for her “one-stop shop model” for youth health.


Bagshaw's longstanding youth health centre 298 Youth Health in central Christchurch has been recently rebranded as Te Tahi Youth. The facility, founded by Bagshaw back in 1995, is the only spot in the city where 10-24 year olds can access free medical, sexual, mental health, wellbeing and employment services.


Kiwi parents have been warning since 2021 that puberty blockers could be the biggest scandal in NZ’s medical history. This was after a child was given the option of puberty blockers within ten minutes of a doctor meeting the child.


Now recent studies out of the UK confirm that puberty blockers are dangerous and the damage irreversible.


Puberty blockers are the same drugs used in other countries to chemically castrate male sex offenders, but Bagshaw said she isn’t concerned by this.


Unbelievably, this same Dr Bagshaw has been commissioned by the government to peer review NZ’s report on Puberty Blockers.  As one clever post on X stated “It’s like asking someone to mark their own homework.”


“Of course, Bagshaw is not going to allow a report to come out saying that what she’s been peddling is illegal and inhumane.  She should be immediately removed due to her conflict of interest,” declares Tamaki.


New Zealand is out of step with many other countries which are being way more cautious, with many countries across Europe recently banning puberty blockers.


Bagshaw shockingly calls it “Moral panic” when people are unhappy about puberty blockers.


Bagshaw states that the dramatic increase in puberty blockers over the past ten years in NZ is because “we’ve now got societal permission.”


“Sadly, she’s hit the nail on the head.  Puberty Blockers are out of control in New Zealand because of Kiwis.  We are so docile, naive and complacent, and we’ve allowed all this abuse to go unchallenged and to be normalised. As a result, NZ prescribes puberty blockers to our Kiwi kids at a rate of 10 x times higher than the UK. This is shocking.”


“Is the Christchurch clinic our Kiwi version of Tavistock?” 


In the UK Courts, a de-transitioned young person took Tavistock to court.  The court’s decision finally protected vulnerable young people from being given puberty blockers. As a result, Tavistock closed its doors in 2023 after a highly critical review that found children’s care was being compromised.


Tamaki finishes by saying, “If conversion therapy is now supposedly illegal in NZ….puberty blockers and therapy that converts the sexuality of a child from their biological gender should surely be illegal…like what is occurring with puberty blockers. I don’t know why Dr Bagshaw and her Christchurch clinic have not been shut down yet and taken to court!”


Brian Tamaki will speak at Destiny Church Christchurch events this Sunday evening, and Monday evening, where he will expand more on the solution moving forward to clean up Christchurch for the sake of our children.


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