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12th June 2023

Brian Tamaki

Parents, where is your outrage at the Transgender agenda trying to recruit your kids, right under your nose, in our schools?

If you’re a parent with children or youth in a state school, I’d strongly encourage you to keep your kids home this week and boycott the Schools’ Pride Week that is being forced on our children through state schools.

The government needs to take their hands off our children. The government is trying to usurp the vital role of parents in our young ones’ lives. This Nanny State is trying to parent your kids?

It’s time for this Nanny State to go!

It’s the parent's role to discuss sex education and gender, not the government’s role through our schools.

Many parents are disturbed at the content being funnelled into our schools by the perverse group called InsideOUT. InsideOUT are a government-funded group with a perverse agenda.

All parents should check out the Ministry of Education’s guidelines through their TKI Inclusive Schools webpage:

This has everything from gender neutral toilets, equitable uniform options to gender education. And so much disturbing content including this for our 5 year olds...why on earth are they discussing sexual pleasure at this age...

There is so much more...but it’s time for parents to do their homework and read through the content.

This is all happening on your watch parents! What are you going to do about it?

For example this week, they are promoting the following content in our schools with their Pride Week, here is their website

Primary Children:
  • “...for kids to be able to play, try out wearing a skirt or sparkles or a silly santa beard if that calls to them...”

  • “...try out ‘he’ or ‘she’ if they want...”

  • They want to play games like ‘common ground’ that challenge gender stereotypes including conversations like “...Lots of people think everyone is either a boy or a girl, but actually some wonderful people are born between boy and girl (just under 2% of people are intersex). Some boys realise: Actually I'm a girl! and some girls realise: Actually I'm a boy! (transgender), and some are in the middle (non binary).”

  • Make a pride-themed mural

  • Make age-appropriate rainbow-themed crafts together as a class

  • Rainbow reading

  • Rainbow shared lunch

Here are the worksheets they’ll also be giving your little Johnny to colour in:

Intermediate Children:
  • "Non-Uniform Day Fundraiser. Wear your Pride! Hold a non-uniform day where students can express themselves and their identities freely. Bring a gold coin and donate to InsideOUT Kōaro or another rainbow organisation.”

  • Rainbow reading

  • Find the flag scavenger hunt

  • Rainbow movie screening

High School Students:
  • Learn the lingo – teaching students the meaning of words like endosex, interphobia, intersex, agender, bigender, butch, cisgender, cisnormativity, demiboy, demigirl, drag, femme, gender-affirming healthcare, gender diverse, gender dysphoria, gender euphoria, gender fluid, genderqueer, misgendering, non-binary, pronouns, trans man, trans woman, transfeminine, transmasculine, aromantic, asexual, biphobia, bisexual, demisexual, heternormativity, pansexual, MVPFAFF+ and more.

  • Pride parade through the high school

  • Get Political group session discussing “...Rainbow issues currently affecting young people and what change you would like to see happen.”

  • Share the love – card making sessions sending cards to LGBTQIA people and each other

  • Rainbow movie screening

  • Erasure/Blackout Poetry - Find or print out some old out of date literature around gender and sexuality and, using the blackout/erasure method, create some affirming poetry!

Also, for those 13+, InsideOUT are promoting this zoom event for young people this week:

Look at some of the delightful photos these individuals show on their personal pages..just the kind of people you want influencing your kids...

I don’t hate the LGBTQIA community. Quite the opposite, in fact, I really care about them, and I’m concerned for them. They have the freedom to choose how they live their personal lives. However, I draw the line when the LGBTQIA community target our innocent children, trying to sexualise them through our schools. Our little 5-year-old children should not be subjected to conversations about sex and gender. We need to preserve their innocence as long as possible. And sensitive subjects like this should be entrusted to parents to discuss with their children.

The Guardian Ministerial Advisory Group has a lot to answer for. This group was created by the MOE to advise on and help shape the new Relationships and Sexuality Education curriculum. Two of the eight people have a background in gay rights activism – Welby Ings, who has also published research papers on male prostitution and lectures at AUT on art and design and Etta Bollinger a self-described ‘queer disabled person’.

They are also targeting your school Board of Trustees, with a new law being passed under urgency that requires a gender-diverse person to be on every Board of Trustees.

They are determined to usurp their rainbow agenda in every sphere of our children’s education, and they have secured significant leadership roles to execute their plan.

If you find it hard to believe what is being pushed through our schools is having an effect, think again. Pharmac data showed the total number of nine to 17 year olds on puberty blockers had increased from 137 in 2010 to 703 in 2020. This is the Transgender recruit more young people to their gender ideology.

This Transgender agenda has been implemented by this current government. Back in 2020 Tracey Martin from NZ First coalition, launched the first version of the Relationships and Sexuality curriculum. Then, Chris Hipkins during his reign as Minister of Education significantly increased government funding for InsideOUT by 773%. Jan Tenetti, the current Minister of Education is no better, also launching additional content as a part of this curriculum.

Parents should be marching in the streets in outrage at this Relationships and Sexuality curriculum, Pride Weeks and this Transgender Agenda and boycotting schools until all of this content is completely tossed out.

This has gone too far!
Party Vote Freedoms NZ and we’ll remove the Transgender Agenda.


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