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Brian Tamaki's ANZAC Men command respect across the world!

Press Release

16th November 2023

Destiny Church

The stomp, shout and spirit of Brian Tamaki’s men as they perform the haka in support of Israel has gone viral across the world. The spirit these men carry is causing Pro-Palestine/Hamas rallies to retreat in defeat. First in Auckland, now in Brisbane and soon in Melbourne. And other nations are picking up on this!

Last weekend in Auckland, a Pro-Palestine/Hamas rally was planned for Saturday at the Aotea Square. When Brian Tamaki countered this rally with a Pro-Israel rally, the Palestinian/Hamas sympathisers were quick to retreat. Their supporters questioned the organisers as to why they retreated in fear.

Now, the same has occurred in Brisbane, Australia. Brian Tamaki is currently visiting his son Samuel Tamaki in Brisbane. A Pro-Palestine/Hamas rally was scheduled to take place this Sunday at 2pm at King George Square in the heart of Brisbane. They had their marketing out, and the venue booked. Brian and Samuel Tamaki, then countered this with an ‘ANZACs Stand With Israel’ rally on the same date, same location, an hour earlier at 1pm. Now, the Pro-Palestine/Hamas rally has retreated, changing their location away to the Queens Garden Park.

“They’ve gone from Kings to Queens” Brian Tamaki cheekily points out.

This morning Brian has also received a phone call from a well-known Jewish Rabbi in Melbourne asking for Brian’s Māori Warriors to go there next weekend and stand with them in the face of recent violence they have seen break out at protests.

Commentators and Journalists across the world are asking, “Who are these men?” “What is it about them?”

Since Brian’s ‘NZ Stands with Israel’ rally in Auckland last week, video footage of this haka has gone viral across the globe:

Haka Links:

  • Brian’s original tweet currently has 1.2 million views - Brians Tweet

  • Currently 6.2 million views on Indigenous Coalition for Israel Tweet

  • Currently 2 million views on Avi Yeminis Tweet about an impromptu haka Samuel Tamaki coordinated last weekend in Brisbane against a Pro-Palestine rally.

  • Plus there are plenty more video versions of Brian’s men performing these haka that is circulating around the globe, with new copies coming to light every day.

Israeli TV has interviewed Brian and aired this interview across Israel discussing his stand, his men and this haka, referencing how it has caused the Pro-Palestine/Hamas sympathisers to retreat. Israeli TV Interview here

A journalist from New York has also interviewed Brian, for a pending article in the New York Times to encourage the Jewish community across the United States of America.

The Israeli Ambassador in NZ, Ran Yaakoby, has sung the praises of Brian Tamaki, and he has been interviewed regarding Brian’s men as well.

Brian Tamaki has this to say about these recent events. “The haka performed by our Indigenous men is fierce and strikes fear in the enemy. I’ve even been asked by those in Israel if I can take my men across to Jerusalem.”

“I decided to out-manoeuvre the Pro-Palestinian Protests in NZ and Australia. As my men have joined me in upholding that New Zealand, and now Australia, are Christian nations, the spirit in these Palestine/Hamas sympathisers recognises what we carry and it has retreated.”

It defies human logic that a large crowd of over 10,000 Pro-Palestine/Hamas sympathisers in Brisbane would so quickly and easily retreat because of a group of ANZAC men fronting up to them. So we asked Brian what was behind this.

“As the spirit of Nazism (antisemitism) has risen across the globe, so too, the warrior spirit of the Māori Battalion has risen again through my men and women.”

“The same spirit of the Holocaust in WWII has been resurrected from Hitler’s grave. Antisemitism has been revived again as there are cries in the streets for Jews to be killed.”

“In WWII it took strong men like those in the Māori Battalion who fought for God, for King and for country. At the battle of El Alamein (Full Story here) the ANZAC soldiers, in particular the Māori Battalion, caused the first defeat and the first land to be regained from the Nazi soldiers. This was the turning point in WWII.

German commander Erwin Rommel was even quoted as saying: "If I had to take hell, I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it. "If I'd had one division of Māori, I would have taken the canal in a week. If I'd had three, I'd have taken Baghdad." He went on to say “Give me the Maori Battalion and I will conquer the world”

Brian Tamaki humbly goes on to say, “Again God is choosing our Māori men to turn the tide on antisemitism. We’ve seen it begin to happen in New Zealand, now it’s Australia’s turn.”

“This Saturday we already have over 200 men who have signed up to perform the haka in Brisbane as they use their stomp, shout and spirit to stand up for Israel again in our generation.”

“I have two Tamaki uncles in the Māori Battalion who fought and lost their lives in WWII. I miraculously stumbled across my Great-Uncle Jack Tamaki’s grave in Italy last year, and in that moment I was moved to tears as I grasped his headstone and spoke saying “Uncle, I am still fighting for our freedoms.” I did not know what was ahead in this critical moment and time that we globally face as the Jewish race is again under attack with threats of being entirely exterminated. As my Uncles fought to defend the Jewish race once before, I find myself also deeply compelled to fight on behalf of the Jewish race.”

“The spirit that my men (and women) carry is strong enough, courageous enough and brave enough to confront the spirit of those who seek to annihilate the Jewish race.”

“The haka is performed every day around the world, but the impact of our haka is not a coincidence. There is something unique and extra special about the men who are performing our haka, that gives it extra special pushback. These men are infused with a unique Stomp, Shout and Spirit.”

In speaking with the men who perform this haka, they openly state “We carry the warrior spirit of our leader, Brian Tamaki. His courage has given us courage. We are the Brotherhood of Christ.”

A Destiny Church spokesperson states, “As we witness this haka by Brian’s men strike unusual fear in the opposition, as it goes viral globally across the world, it has been duly noted that the New Zealand media remain silent on reporting Brian’s global impact that has encouraged Jews worldwide. The New Zealand media has long been anti-Brian, anti-Destiny Church and will not report anything positive that he is doing. Why is there such bias and discrimination? Instead, it’s global media and influencers who are quick to report on Brian’s actions.”

This Sunday, quite possibly one of the biggest haka that Australians have seen, will take place 1pm in King George Square, Brisbane. Any men (and women) who carry the ANZAC spirit are also invited to join Brian Tamaki and his men as they boldly state “ANZACs stand with Israel!” During this peaceful event, Brian Tamaki and other ANZAC leaders will also pray for ‘Peace in the East’.

Brian Tamaki finishes by boldly stating “We want to see ALL countries cease and stomp out all antisemitism. All countries need to stand with Israel at this time! I pray that our courageous stand continues to give others the courage to stand up for Israel across the globe.”


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