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CLEAN UP NZ: Ban Puberty Blockers

Opinion Piece

Thursday 11th April 2024

Brian Tamaki

A massive cleanup is urgently needed in New Zealand.  We need to clean up all the filth...all this over-sexualisation of our precious children and young people.  Home by home, street by street, town by town, city by city...we are on assignment to clean up this nation.


Here’s what we will clean up:

  • Defund & Remove Drag Queen Storytimes

  • Ban Puberty Blockers

  • Remove RSE curriculum in our schools

  • Defund InsideOUT – the organisation targeting our young with rainbow paraphernalia

  • Punish Poor Parenting

  • Ban Children’s books with sexual themes

  • Ban Children’s TV programmes and movies with sexual themes

  • Defund & Remove the Rainbow movement’s branding and paraphernalia everywhere trying to rainbow-wash our kids (ie. rainbow crossings and more)


We’ve already started to push back and shut down the Drag Queen storytimes...but we won’t stop there.


Puberty blockers are now squarely in this sharpshooter’s scope. I am calling for an urgent ban of Puberty Blockers in New Zealand. It’s a total embarrassment that New Zealand has the world’s highest use of puberty blockers in young people.


Puberty Blockers must be banned!

What the hell is wrong with New Zealand?  Why are we trailing the world? Why are we letting kids as young as nine years old still take this poison?


Puberty blockers are used by kids with gender dysphoria...trans kids...and they are now proven to be dangerous after a massive review by Great Britain’s NHS.


In New Zealand, Pharmac data shows the total number of 9 – 17 yrs old on puberty blockers had increased from 137 in 2010 to 703 in 2020. It’s likely even worse now.


New Zealand leads the world in the use of puberty blockers. To provide context,  the terrible Tavistock in the UK that’s been shut down prescribed puberty blockers to 6% of their patients.  In NZ one of our clinics proudly prescribes puberty blockers to 65% of their patients.  In NZ we had 703 children on them, compared to 1,000 in England at the same time. 


Our Ministry of Health has only taken these steps:

·       Announced June 2023 they were undertaking a review of the safety and reversibility of puberty blockers drugs, due to be released in the next 2-3 months

·       Issued a press release, 15 December 2023, stating that the review results would be released beginning of 2024.

·       To date, we still have not seen or heard anything further about this review


What is taking so long?


Recently England has stopped offering puberty blocker drugs due to the lack of evidence of their benefits and concerns about long-term harms.  I believe it’s not rocket science...of course there are harmful long-term effects, that are not reversible.  They mess kids up for life. English adults are now suing the government due to being prescribed puberty blockers as children, when they were confused and didn’t realise the full life-changing impacts of what they were doing.


This follows Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark also taking the same steps to remove puberty blockers. In Finland they recommend psychotherapy should be the primary treatment for children or youth with gender dysphoria.


In the USA, 22 states have an outright ban on puberty blockers for adolescents.


Hungary’s Parliament has passed a law banning gender identity changes.  Russia has banned legal gender changes as well as gender-related medical care.  In France they have introduced a bill to ban doctors from prescribing puberty blockers and hormones with punishments of imprisonment and massive monetary fines if they don’t comply.


Even our neighbours across the ditch in Australia are this week being urged by officials to review how trans kids access gender-affirming medication after a review found gender blockers are dangerous.


Why is New Zealand so slow to respond?


Bad Parenting

I can’t believe any sane parent allows their child or teen to take puberty blockers. It is child abuse.


It’s about time we took a harder line against bad parenting in this country. Parents who expose their children to sexual content need to be punished. This week in the USA a Mum & Dad were sent to prison for 10 years for their bad parenting.  They neglected their roles as parents, and their teen son went on a shooting spree in his high school.


Children do not know their own minds when they are young, so the prescribing of puberty blockers to disrupt their gender development is quite simply...child abuse!  Parents, Physicians and all involved should be charged with child abuse,


National’s connections to Tavistock

I don’t know that we can rely on National to do the right thing and rid our country of puberty blockers.  PM Christopher Luxon’s good buddy is MP Matt Doocey.  Doocey used to work for the controversial Tavistock in the UK that was the sole youth gender clinic and provider of puberty blockers, that has now been shut down due to its practices. Doocey now oversees our mental health services.


Urgent action needed

So, as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, we must once again take action. We must put pressure on our government to clean up our country now from all this filth.  There is an urgency needed to our actions.  If we don’t act now, this corrupted sexual creep across our country will spread to normalising paedophilia, bestiality, and more. If we don’t act now, future generations will be perverted and sexualised to the depths of Sodom and Gomorrah... and in the end, utterly destroyed.


Bring on Enough is Enough Part 2.


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