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Kiwis sick of NZ being Rainbow-Washed


28th March 2024

Brian Tamaki

Gays Control Councils, Cops and the Country!

Kiwis have had enough…it’s gone too far!


Gisborne is a prime example, just look at Tuesday!

Police, Gays and Council were waiting at the rainbow crossing after the media tipped them off to Destiny Church turning up.  They were standing together, shoulder to shoulder, against those who wanted to peacefully protest.  The Rainbow Protestors were far more aggressive during the protest, they were the ones there first holding up the traffic with police help, but not one of them was arrested by the police.


Yet, 5 people were arrested from Destiny Church.  They were held for several hours as the Police tried to dream up what they could charge them with.  They settled on a trumped-up, old obscure charge of ‘preparing to commit a crime’.  What a joke! It doesn’t even state what the intended crime was, so we already know from lawyers and a retired police detective that the charges will never hold up in court.


The only lady arrested, Leighton Packer, was arrested for simply ‘talking’ on a live video. She was arrested while exercising her right to freedom of speech, and her right to protest.


The Gisborne cops are controlled by the gays!

The Gisborne council is controlled by the gays!


The whole country is brainwashed…rainbow washed.  Our councils are riddled with it, our police force, our businesses, our banks, and our media.


Drag Queens belong in Night Clubs and Strip Clubs, not in classrooms, libraries or public places. It's Rogue Councils who are financing these despicable activities with ratepayers’ money as they pay and push the gay agenda across our towns and cities.


It should be Dads reading to kids, not Drags.


They are targeting our children and Kiwis have had enough:

  • RSE curriculum is still being taught in our schools

  • Drag Queens Storytime in Libraries

  • Pornographic Adult material left in a West Auckland sports recreation centre that children picked up and read

  • Pride Weeks, months, celebrated in our schools

  • Rainbow paraphernalia plastered everywhere across our towns and cities


The gay movement has specifically targeted the next generation. They are perverting our children and the next generation…we must stamp this sickness out of our communities and country.


They are painting our country rainbow…and it’s an embarrassment our country is embracing these perversions.


We woke this morning to news that the Auckland Rainbow Crossing has been painted over last night.  The painters have dared to go into the heart of the Gay community on K-Road to make a statement. They’ve obviously had enough. Collectively, Kiwis are taking a stand!  This is only the beginning. We now see the depth of frustration amongst Kiwis who have had enough of rainbow this, rainbow that… it's rammed down our throats…and it’s gone too far.  The Rainbow Community have overplayed their hand.


It’s also time to call out NZTA. They should have taken action against the Wellington City Council when they illegally installed a rainbow crossing…now many councils have followed suit. WCC bullied NZTA.


It’s time to clean up our country!

We’ve started cleaning up the Drag Queens in libraries.

We’ve started cleaning up the rainbow crossings.

There’s much more to be done…but town by town, city by city…we are on a mission to Make NZ, NZ again!


Will you stand with us and agree with us…Yes or No!  Send us a comment!


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