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Brian Tamaki Stands Up Against Hamas Atrocities and Calls for Kiwis to Rally Behind Israel
NZ Stands with Israel, not Hamas & Palestine


12th October 2023

Brian Tamaki

Brian Tamaki, Co-Leader of Freedoms NZ, passionately declares, "I was heartbroken to hear yesterday that 40 babies were beheaded in Israel at the hands of Hamas. These monsters committed a massacre. Elderly, toddlers, mothers, fathers were mutilated, raped, killed in their beds. The images of children's beds soaked in blood are gut-wrenching. It's atrocious that Hamas has broadcast live executions of grandmothers over social media. This is a modern-day Holocaust #2 against the Jews... and it's happening on our watch. Let's not take as long as Holocaust #1 before the world wakes up and rallies to support the Jews."

Tamaki continues, "I am deeply troubled to hear that Hamas has put out a 'Call to Action' asking all Arabs and Muslims across the free world to mobilize this Friday. They are calling for heroism and sacrifice. What kind of heinous crimes are we going to witness around the world this Friday? Many are prepared to put their bodies on the line. Hamas is emboldening the Islamic world, and that's going to be a problem for all of us, even here in NZ."

"It's also disturbing to hear that Black Lives Matter in the USA has declared they stand with Palestine. Worldwide, we are sitting on a powder keg of trouble brewing."

"Now, Israel is also under fire from their northern border as Hezbollah in Lebanon bombs them."

"This is serious. What is happening in Israel should matter to caring Kiwis. There is global instability as we stand on the verge of World War III. Hamas and the Arab nations no longer fear the USA and Western countries. This has occurred because the Western world has abandoned its Judeo-Christian beliefs and its foundations in pursuit of multiculturalism and liberalism. At the heart of it, the Islamic people want every person in the free world to convert to Islam. They want to wipe non-Muslims off the face of the earth, starting with Israelis. 'From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' is their catch cry to annihilate the whole country of Israel."

Tamaki boldly states, "Here in New Zealand, we need to make a strong stand this Friday and send a message that we are not going to tolerate an uprising of Palestine supporters or Islamic radicals in this country. Men, we need to take a stand for our nation! We need to take back our country for ourselves. We declare New Zealand is a Judeo-Christian nation. We will not tolerate or permit marches in New Zealand like we've seen Palestinians undertake in Australia, London, Chicago, and more. We will not tolerate individuals chanting 'Gas the Jews,' like we've seen in Sydney on the steps of the Opera House. We will not tolerate the Palestinian marches planned for this Saturday and Sunday by 'Justice for Palestine' and 'The Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa.' This is the time for everyday Kiwis to be courageous and state 'Not on My Watch.'"

"Many people tell me, 'Kiwis don't care, they only care about themselves. They won't support Israel.' Prove the mockers wrong this Friday, Kiwis. I implore Kiwis to show that they care!"

"Most of our political parties bandy around slogans like 'Get our Country Back on Track' or 'Let's Take Back Our Country,' but it's just lip service. The response from our politicians this week has been weak and disappointing. There has been a group of 54 Kiwis stranded in Israel from the Connection City AOG Tongan Church in Auckland, and they've had little response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, so they've had to reach out to the Tongan government, who have been the ones to organize their extraction, sending its Tongan Consul Representative to oversee the efforts. Where were our NZ politicians advocating for these Kiwis? Why has the Israeli flag not been raised in NZ in solidarity?"

"I have yet to hear NZ politicians strongly state clearly, 'I stand with Israel.' All we've heard is a lot of weak statements."

"Most importantly, this Friday, we want to state clearly to the world, NZ STANDS WITH ISRAEL! On Friday, I invite the Jewish community in NZ to share with us as Kiwis, how can we practically help. If they need donations, we will rally for donations. If they need prayer, we will rally for prayer; if they need resources, we will rally those resources. We Stand Because We Care!"

This Friday, Brian Tamaki is mobilizing Kiwis to stand in solidarity with Israel.

On Friday, We Stand and:

  1. Declare that this is a Judeo-Christian nation.

  2. Declare NZ stands with Israel.

  3. Denounce Hamas and any Arab or Muslim who mobilizes with them. We denounce the killing of innocent civilian lives and the beheading of babies.

On Friday, we call for action:

  1. We challenge NZ Politicians to make a public declaration before the election as to whether they make a stand for Israel, or not. They are either FOR or AGAINST Israel.

  2. We call for the Israeli flag to be raised at Parliament and other significant landmarks like the Harbour Bridge. We also call for the Sky Tower to be lit up in blue and white, in solidarity with Israel

  3. We call on caring and concerned citizens of NZ to stand with us and declare their outrage against these atrocities committed by Hamas.

Friday 13th October 2023 - March & Stand Details:

We are marching down Queen Street Auckland on Friday at 12pm:

11.30am Gather at the bottom of Queen Street between Britomart and Commercial Bay

12.00pm March down Queen Street

12.30pm Stand at Aotea Square

We ask all supporters to bring Israeli flags and to please wear blue and white.

Please remember this is a peaceful event. No violence or aggression will be permitted.


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