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8th November 2023

Brian Tamaki

It is time to call out the current anti-semitic behaviour in New Zealand.

It is time to call out the insensitive support being shown to Palestine, and not to Israel.

It is time to call out the blatant support of the Hamas terrorist organisation in New Zealand.

It disgusts me that Palestinian supporters last night doused the Jewish consulate in Auckland with petrol, trying to burn it down, and wrote anti-semitic graffiti on the fences. This is not the kind of behaviour we will tolerate as Kiwis. This behaviour has been fueled by the Pro-Palestine rallies and Pro-Palestine MP speeches over recent weeks.

NZ will not tolerate violence and vandalism from Pro-Palestine supporters.

NZ will not tolerate anti-semitic chants from Pro-Palestine supporters.

It should be illegal for the Hamas Chant to be declared in New Zealand, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” This chant is straight from the Hamas Charter and has no place in New Zealand. It simply means the complete and utter annihilation of Israel. They want no more Jews. They want to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. They want another holocaust.

I could see all of this brewing several weeks ago when I initiated my petition to Parliament to:

1. Declare the entire Hamas & Hezabollah organisations as terrorist organisations in New Zealand

2. Expel any MP who supports these terrorist organisations.

Sure enough, no sooner has the election passed, the Greens and Te Pāti Māori MPs have come out vocally on the side of Palestine not the side of Israel. There are only two sides, and they’ve chosen the wrong one.

It’s a disgrace that Members of Parliament in New Zealand would publicly support terrorists, as Chloe Swarbrick did on Saturday when she cried out the Hamas chant. Alongside her stood other members of the Greens, and Te Pāti Māori are proving just as bad.

They were fighting words from Chloe Swarbrick when she spoke at the Auckland Domain. She’s now doubling down with excuses as to why she used the Hamas chant and has been reluctant to apologise. The Jewish community have said her words were hurtful and antisemitic. But she doesn’t care about the minority Jewish community living in NZ. And she won’t commit to whether she will use the Hamas chant again, instead avoiding answering a simple Yes or No question.

She’s also stating she’s going to hold the War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain to account as well for lighting up in support of Israel. An Israel if you remember, that has had a horrific massacre on 7th October with babies beheaded, women raped, elderly slaughtered and more.

Chloe’s words depict that she’s personally declaring war on Israel, her and her cronies from the Greens.

Chloe needs to go! She needs to be expelled from Parliament for her antisemitic, terrorist-supporting comments. This is not the type of politician we want in New Zealand.

Marama Davidson was also nodding her head, pumping her fist in the air, chanting the Hamas chant alongside Chloe on Saturday. You need no further proof that Chloe’s words are supported by the Green Party’s leadership.

Overseas, other governments have had the common sense to cast out politicians who have shown support for Palestine & Hamas. In the UK Labour MP Andy McDonald has been suspended from his political party for his support of Palestine. Why is New Zealand so slow?

It’s quite simple either support Israel or you support Palestine. Palestine elected Hamas as their governing power. Palestine & Hamas are both driven by the same religion of Islam with the belief that there should be no Israel. They will not rest until this is achieved. Hence why Israel has to eradicate Hamas. Calls for a Ceasefire only empower Hamas, and disempower Israel.

It’s time for Kiwis to boldly come out in support of Israel this Saturday.

Kiwis can no longer quietly support Israel from the comfort of their couch.

Kiwis can no longer live in fear and watch support gain momentum across New Zealand for Palestine and Hamas with the Pro-Palestine rallies occurring in our nation.

We do not want New Zealand to be overrun by everything that Palestine and Hamas stand for, as is happening across the world.

We do not want New Zealand to be overtaken by their beliefs and ideologies, and our cities or towns to be ruled by Sharia Law as is occurring in London right now.

Who are the Kiwis that will take a stand?

Who are the Kiwis that will fight for their country?

Who are the Kiwis that will protect the Judeo-Christian beliefs our country was founded on?

Now is the time to stand.

Join me this Saturday, 11th November 2023 in the Auckland CBD.

This will be a peaceful event.

ManUp New Zealand, in conjunction with the NZ Police, will provide a high level of security so that all men, women and children in attendance will be kept safe.

Let’s stand on the right side of history together in New Zealand.

Let’s lead the world in being a country that has zero tolerance for supporting Palestine & Hamas. Let’s declare NZ STANDS WITH ISRAEL.


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