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Opinion Piece

9th June 2023

Brian Tamaki

I am standing up to the Transgender agenda. I am drawing attention to this scourge in our schools and society. It’s crossed the’s gone too far.

This week I made a statement in a public meeting referring to The Warehouse and puberty blockers, an edit of this video has been edited and is now circulating.

My comment was in response to the following sign currently circulating in NZ which refers to kid’s Disney Pride products currently being sold on the shelves of The Warehouse, with 5% of all proceeds going to InsideOUT (a government-funded organisation that promotes puberty blockers to NZ children). I believe the ‘endorsement’ of this agenda and its dangerous products is the same as ‘selling’ them.

I understand many Kiwis are just as upset as me with The Warehouse supporting InsideOUT, and this company has been inundated with complaint communications. Many Kiwi parents are also withdrawing their kids from class next week as a lot of state schools celebrate Pride Week.

This transgender agenda has gone too far, it is now being forced upon us, particularly in our schools, in our politics, in our businesses, in our police force, and in many of our banks. The transgender agenda and its influence is disproportionate to the proportion of the transgender community in our country.

To be clear, Freedoms NZ believes people are free to choose how they personally want to live, but where we draw the line, is when it is being forced on our children and society as a whole. Bible in Schools was removed many years ago because many felt Christianity was being forced on children. So why should we now be having Pride Days, Pride Weeks and Pride Months in our schools when the transgender agenda is forced on our innocent kids?

Freedoms NZ, along with Vision NZ, will legislate against puberty blockers and the sexualisation of our kids by removing all gender theory curriculum from our state schools.


Stuff! Senior reporter, Catrin Owen, phoned Destiny Church at 2.17pm today requesting a comment from Brian Tamaki on The Warehouse’s Tweet. His assistant said she would obtain a comment from Brian Tamaki and get back to Catrin. Only 20 minutes later this reporter published a media article on their website at 2.37pm, with the comment “Brian Tamaki has been approached for comment, via Destiny Church.” This shows the type of gutter reporting we’ve come to expect from Mainstream Media who are not interested in reporting both sides of a story. Particularly as the article is full of misinformation including the phrase “Earlier this year, Tamaki turned up to controversial anti-trans activist Posie Parker’s event at Albert Park. He yelled at pro-trans protestors.” To set the record straight, Brian Tamaki did not attend this event...he rode past it on his way to Hannah Tamaki’s event at Aotea Square and he absolutely did not yell at their pro-trans protestors.


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