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A big resounding “Good on You” to the parents of baby Will and supporters for their courageous stand to not only refuse a vaccinated blood transfusion but to also withstand an unbelievable threat from the Nanny State to take the parent's child into state guardianship!

I see this as government propaganda to further unfairly demonize the unvaccinated as ‘Nut Cases” and their declaration, that we the State are now deciding how parents should parent. Health Authorities are culpable in this.

Let the vaccinated have vaccinated blood and the unvaccinated have unvaccinated blood...Free to Choose!

There has been much discussion for some time amongst the unvaccinated that many would choose not to have vaccinated blood in a blood transfusion. And that stands to reason if we chose not to be vaccinated. This case may well be the government's and Pfizer's undoing should they concede and allow baby Will to use unvaccinated blood only. This most likely would be an admission there's something wrong with the vaccine in everyone else's blood. So, unfortunately, I can't see them backing down, despite all good reason in this case. The government will likely dig their toes in.

This could mean Bad Blood all around not only for the illegally forced mandates from the government upon its own people but it spotlights again the Pfizer/Big Pharma knowledge that the vaccines were not fit for human use. This may well open the floodgates for lawsuits to be lodged against PM Jacinda Ardern, the Labour government, and Pfizer itself. This also may set, not only a national precedent but a global precedent, that in the eyes of millions there is Pure Blood and Bad Blood when it comes to blood transfusions.

I asked myself the question some time ago, would I allow vaccinated blood in my transfusion if I needed one, the answer was a quick resounding NO. And neither would I allow any of my babies, children and grandchildren to have vaccinated blood transfusions either. Well, why would I? Pfizer did claim in its 6-month haste to roll out the vaccine, that it wasn't 100% satisfied it was totally safe yet in its trials and testing for long-term human usage.

This should also flare up the conversation that's been seething away for some time, that it’s high time to now consider the enshrinement of The NZ Bill of Rights that specifically states our choice to reject any kind of medical procedure that would be forced upon us. With the Green’s Eugenie Sage and Labour recently trying to force an illegal enshrinement of the controversial 5 waters legislation, surely one would think our individual rights would be far more important?

Next Tuesday’s High Court decision for Baby Will could be a landmark one, not just in New Zealand but internationally.

As they say “Is there any Bad Blood between us?”


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