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Will there be Protests at Rainbow Games?


5TH APRIL 2024

Brian Tamaki

As the Rangatahi Rainbow Games commence in Auckland today, Brian Tamaki, leader of Destiny Church, has been inundated with inquiries regarding potential protest action against the event. The Rainbow Games, supported by a $2.25 million allocation of taxpayer funds from ex-MP Grant Robertson and the Auckland Council's event arm, Auckland Unlimited, have sparked controversy nationwide.


In response to queries about potential protests, Brian Tamaki remarked, "I have received so many messages from people asking if we will protest at the Rainbow Games that begins today in Auckland? There are protestors ready to go, they are just waiting for my green light.”


Tamaki expressed concern about the direction of New Zealand's culture, stating, "It's almost unbelievable NZ has come to this, with all of the rainbow-washing. We don't have a Kiwi culture anymore; NZ has lost its identity."


Tamaki highlighted the alleged over-sexualisation of youth and children, asserting that such events contribute to the erosion of innocence. "Our youth and children are being targeted with all of this over-sexualisation, losing their innocence," he remarked, underlining his commitment to safeguarding future generations. "I will not back down from this fight, as we protect the future of our children's children."


The government’s allocation of taxpayer funds and Auckland Council's support for the Rainbow Games have further fueled Tamaki's concerns. "They've made no secret of the fact they want to host the World Gay Games in NZ as well," he stated, emphasizing the broader implications of such events.


In light of these developments, Brian Tamaki announced that he would take time today to deliberate on potential protest actions. "I guess I want to know, What does NZ want?" he queried, signalling a desire to gauge public sentiment on the matter.


Destiny Church and Brian Tamaki remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving what they perceive as traditional New Zealand values and culture.


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